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About ProVeg International

ProVeg International is a food awareness organisation with the mission to reduce global animal consumption by 50% by the year 2040. We launched earlier this year and are active in four different countries – the UK, Germany, Poland, and Spain – with more to follow now in 2018. With effective campaigns, international events and other innovative projects, ProVeg works with governments, private companies, public institutions, medical professionals, and the public, to help the world transition to a more plant-based society. ProVeg provides the public with practical help, tips and information in order to make more informed dietary choices. Animal Charity Evaluators rates ProVeg as one of the four most effective organisations working against animal suffering in Europe.

Working at ProVeg

We are a highly motivated team that believes in campaigning to end animal exploitation in a creative, effective and positive way without being dogmatic or trying to force ideologies upon people. Great teamwork is important to us. We appreciate openness, awareness and tolerance for every living creature as well as high performance, reliability and the willingness to learn (and good vegan food!). We are proud to be one of the three most effective animal charities in Europe, and look forward to strengthening that position further in the upcoming years. Furthermore, we offer:

●      many possibilities to bring in your strengths and interests

●      low hierarchy

●      trust-based working time

●      possibility to do home office

For our Berlin office:

●      office in the centre of Berlin

●      common vegan lunch about 3 times a week

●      team events like board game nights, movie nights, table tennis tournaments

Work related to East Asia / Greater China Region

ProVeg International seeks to reach out to East Asia, with a strong focus on the Greater China Region in 2018 with more collaborations and activities in the region. To execute our plans, we are expanding our team now. That is why we welcome talents like you to come over and work with us.

You will assist your other team member in the following tasks:

● Organize the healthcare professionals and other relevant partners from China to attend VegMed 2018

● Organize veg groups and NGOs from China to attend Corporate Engagement Summit 2018 and International week at ProVeg

● Prepare ProVeg's presentation in certain events in China

● Relationship building with Chinese NGOs, INGOs in China, Government ministries, public institutions, veg-friendly businesses, researchers

● Marketing and legal research

● Translation and communication work

Apart from that, there are occasions you can take part in ProVeg affiliated events. You might also be exposed to the work of different department of our Berlin office:

●      Corporate Outreach

●      Media Outreach

●      Political Outreach

●      Research & Science

●      Internationalisation

●      Fundraising

●      Office and Finance Management

●      Human Resources

●      Volunteer Management

Our ideal candidate will be those who:

●    are interested in learning how a professional international NGO works

●    are interested in contributing to the plant-based movement

●    can contribute to ProVeg’s internationalisation work in the region

●    foresee themselves involving in ProVeg’s work for a long period of time


● High identification with the values and goals of ProVeg

● Act as an ally of the Effective Altruism movement

● Good results in studies and/or relevant working experiences

● Fluency in spoken and written English

● Fluency in Mandarin or/and Cantonese and written Chinese for the Greater China Region

● Good interpersonal skills or event planning and management skills

●    Specialized skill sets or knowledge relevant to our work

●    Desirable: Study or background of business, health, food or environmental work

There are currently two working arrangements available, one is through BFD (The Federal Volunteer Service) programme, which is normally for 6 months, the other one is an internship, which is up to 3 months.

a. The Federal Volunteer Service (BFD) programme

The Federal Volunteer Service (BFD) is aimed at all those who would like to get involved outside of their job or training in the social, cultural or ecological spheres or perform other activities for the common good for 6 to 24 months, while being covered by social security and supervised by professionals in the form of free training and seminars. We recommend the length of 6 months, with a possibility to extend. Some of our permanent staffers also started with the BFD program. It is open not only to German or EU nationals but also to foreigners. For other general information about the official federal programme, please see here.

b.   Internship programme

One can do an internship at the ProVeg Berlin office for up to 3 months, which is usually without payment. This would require less paperwork and can be arranged more flexibly than the BFD program. For those holding a HKSAR/BNO passport, a Working Holiday visa will also be applicable, for if you wish to engage in other work or stay in Germany for longer in addition to working at ProVeg.

What is the best programme for me?

We recommend the internship programme to current students, who will have to return to their studies after staying at ProVeg; while the BFD programme are more applicable to those who have already finished their studies, and ideally have had actual working experiences.

How To Apply

Application Procedure

Your application should include a cover letter, a CV and work certificates. Please tell us how you found this job ad! Your application should include only one document (PDF), max. 3 MB. Please send your application via our job website and fill in our job questionnaire as well as these questions:

-      Why do you want to join the programme?

-      What do you expect to gain from the programme?

-      How do you think you can contribute to our work?

-      Your CV (please also include your non-formal work experience with volunteer work)

The upcoming steps include:

  1. A first phone interview.
  2. A personal interview and a “trial day”, that includes the handling of tasks that are typical for the role you are applying for. If you are not from Berlin you can do this tasks at home. That helps us to get to know you and your way of working better, and gives you a chance to get a full picture of the job and us.
  3. The final decision may need an extra interview.

If you are a foreign citizen (holding non-EU passport), you will need to apply for a valid ‘working visa’ from your home country. Once you get all the required documents submitted, it will take one month until you receive the visa (might vary depending on different embassy/consulate office). For details, please check with your local embassy / consulate office.

Our programme will start from April on.

For further information and enquiries, please contact:

Doris LEE (International Outreach Coordinator),