Microfinance Internships in Paraguay

Hours per week

40 hours per week




Manuel Blinder 5589 c./ Tte. Espinoza



An internship with Fundación Paraguaya offers an unique opportunity to gain professional experience in the field of microfinance and spend time living and working in Paraguay!


Our Microfinance Program serves small and emerging micro-entrepreneurs who are largely ignored by other microfinance institutions. We focus in small loans, but offer more than just credit. Thanks to our particular business model, we also provide a wide range of educational, business, and community development services to our clients, their families and communities. Of our more than 57,000 clients, from rural and urban areas, 86 % are women.

Our work in the world of microfinance through microcredit and training demonstrates how fostering entrepreneurship in people with limited resources can strengthen precarious jobs, promote the creation of jobs, and increase gender equity and augment family income.

For more information on the Program, meet our client and his family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULvti6wMCz4


Microfinance internship opportunities:

Analysis of best Practices of officers, credit assessors and managers

Create a report that summarizes the best practices of managers, officers, and credit assessors of Fundación Paraguaya in order to successfully systematize and replicate these practices across all offices; carrying out a market study to investigate future microfranchises to be applied.

Microfranchise market study and business model

Conduct a market study to investigate new microfranchises. Conduct field research, present reports and evaluate suppliers. Assist the microfranchise manager in the initial contact and develop a pilot that includes proptypes, manuals etc. The intern should study methodologies and manuals provided by Fairborne.


Feel free to contact us at internships@fundacionparaguaya.org.py for any additional information!

How To Apply


The applicants must send a completed application form, which can be downloaded from our website, together with their resume and a photocopy of their passport. We will study the applications and schedule Skype calls with candidates considered for the next stage. At the end of the process, the applicants will be informed whether they have been accepted.