Self-sustainable Schools Internships in Paraguay




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An internship with Fundación Paraguaya offers an unique opportunity to gain professional experience in financially self-sustainable agriculture school and spend time living and working in Paraguay!


Our Self-sustainable Schools Program is an educational model that undertakes a different path in the struggle to eliminate poverty. We provide academic, vocational, and entrepreneurial secondary education to the sons and daughters of poor farmers so that they can become their own "rural entrepreneurs".

The program uses the "Learn by Doing, Selling, and Earning" methodology, in other words, the curriculum is based on theory classes complemented by hands on field practice. And since the students run and operate the school as part of their business skills education, the school is financially self-sufficient, requiring no additional funding from the government or donor funds. This innovative educational model is therefore based on entrepreneurship and can be replicated all over the world.

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Self-sustainable Schools internship opportunities:

assisting in teaching of subjects such as Spanish, English, Portuguese, physical education, mathematics, agriculture, hotel and tourism management, developing and carrying out adolescence workshops on relevant topics such as relationships, self-image, alcohol, drugs, violence, supporting teachers in incorporating more technology into their classes; upgrading the existing business plans of students, proposing strategies and solutions; developing adventure and eco-tourism packages for the Self-sustainable Schools, working in the planning, implementation, marketing, carrying out technical assistance in various productive units of the schools.


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How To Apply

The applicants must send a completed application form, which can be downloaded from our website, together with their resume and a photocopy of their passport. We will study the applications and schedule Skype calls with candidates considered for the next stage. At the end of the process, the applicants will be informed whether they have been accepted.