Hands-on Public/Global Health Internship in Uganda

Academic Credits


Hours per week

8 weeks



Application Deadline


Start Date


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Uganda Village Project (UVP) is a non-profit organization working with the community of Uganda’s southeast Iganga District to promote public health and sustainable development. Through partnerships with community based organizations (CBOs) and local government, we utilize local knowledge and maximize community ownership. We facilitate community health and well-being in rural Uganda through improved access, education, and prevention in the following areas:

• Malaria • HIV/AIDS and STIs • Family planning • Sanitation and Hygiene •

• Obstetric Fistula • Community-Constructed Shallow Wells •

Are you interested in public health, international development, or community education? Consider our enriching internship opportunity to experience an unforgettable summer with a diverse collection of like-minded students!

UVP’s internship program offers a robust overview of our diverse community health programs operating in the Iganga District. This program is vital to the UVP’s operation as it seeks to sustain and monitor UVP’s public health and advocacy programs. Additionally, this program exposes and trains Ugandan and international interns in public health and advocacy outreach in the field.

This experience allows interns to focus on grassroots health promotion strategies in order to improve public health in targeted villages. To do this, interns spend 8 weeks living and working in a village in rural Iganga District, Uganda, gaining experience in public health, community education, and international development. Interns work in diverse teams composed of Ugandan and non-Ugandan team members. Interns are expected to work Monday-Friday 9 am- 5 pm, totaling approximately 320 hours.

The program dates for the 2019 Intern Cohort are:

●     Team Leaders: June 9 – August 11, 2019

●     Team Members: June 12 – August 11, 2019

Required Qualifications

●     Age 18 or older

●     Flexibility and adaptiveness

●     Demonstrated interest in international development, public health, service leadership, and/or health education

●     Experience working in a team environment

●     Ability to live, learn, and work effectively in a rural, resource-limited setting

●     Strong work ethic and entrepreneurial nature

●     Maturity, open-mindedness, and respect for new cultures and people

●     Critical thinking and problem solving skills

●     Knowledge and fluency in Lusoga/Luganda Ugandan interns only

●     Must attend the Kampala Pre-Orientation Ugandan interns only

●     Experienced in rural life, specifically dwelling and culture (particularly Busoga Region) Ugandan interns only

Recommended Qualifications

●     Previous international experiences through work, volunteer, or educational opportunities developing country experience or experience in low-resource settings highly preferred

●     Previous experience working on multi-stakeholder community engagements

●     Leadership and project management experience

Team Member Responsibilities

●      Project Design & Planning: Help design and plan community mobilizations, educational outreaches and monitoring and evaluation activities (when applicable).

●      Project Implementation: Facilitate and execute project activities relevant to the team (e.g., educational outreach, sanitation pushes, needs assessment, focus groups, monitoring and evaluation activities, etc.)

●      Community Engagement: Listen to and empower community members through educational outreaches and/or evaluation activities.

●      Project Reporting: Contribute to the planning and completion of team video, blog posts, final report, and other such projects.



Team Leader Job Description

In addition to the requirements and responsibilities for a team member, Team Leaders should also demonstrate the following:


Required Qualifications

●     Experience working in international developing country experience and/or low-resource environments

●     Experience Demonstrated passion for global health / international development work

●     Maturity

●     Excellent leadership, cultural competency, communication, and conflict mediation skills

●     Ability to maintain a level head in various situations

●     Ability to empower team members and drive group decision making

●     Ability to organize and delegate activities to a team

●     Ability to conduct detailed accounting of financial records and all activities carried out by team



●      Project Scope: Define project goals for the summer with team, village leadership, and UVP staff.

●      Implementation Planning: Work with village leaders and Village Health Team (VHT) members to determine most effective means of implementing activities.

●      Team Management: Serve as liaison between the team, UVP staff, village leaders, and VHTs on any project status, upcoming events, issues, etc. Coordinate work streams and empower team members to take initiative on projects. Co-manage team morale and engage in conflict mediation/resolution when necessary.

●      Strategic Planning: Co-lead team strategic planning meetings and translate strategy into effective implementation.

●      Financial Management: Manage and keep track of team’s finances and expenditures. Collaborate with co-leader to review expenses and budget/money management.

●      Project Management: Manage reporting of project-related data, financial information, and meeting minutes. Share relevant data and information with UVP staff members and team members.

Apply online at www.UgandaVillageProject.org or mail a paper application (Ugandan applicants only) to Uganda Village Project, PO Box 2, Iganga, Uganda.