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Up to $12,000 plus a travel benefit

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20 hour per week, November 2018 thru August 2019



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ORGANIZATIONAL OVERVIEW City Blossoms is a nonprofit dedicated to fostering healthy communities by developing creative, kid-driven green spaces. Washington DC is our home base where we test and innovate new resources, approaches, and techniques for designing and implementing urban gardens that are communal, educational, artistic expressions of their communities. Applying our unique brand of gardens, science, art, healthy living, and community building, we "blossom" in neighborhoods where kids, their families, and neighbors may not otherwise have access to green spaces.

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE City Blossoms’ strives to create a work environment and programs based on our values:

  • EQUITY. Strive to ensure access and inclusion for all
  • DIVERSITY. Celebrate everyone's strengths and experiences
  • RESPECT. Nurture compassion and consideration for all living things
  • COLLABORATION. Enhance our impact by joining together
  • CREATIVITY. Cultivate open-mindedness and experimentation


The YEC program aims to foster an environment where youth, predominantly ages fifteen to nineteen, particularly from dense urban settings, can have access to and develop relationships with nature, food, and each other through gardening-based education and activities. This program works with high schools to provide trainings and resources to high school educators, manage the Mighty Greens youth cooperative at a City Blossoms green space or on-site, and support the creation and/or maintenance of age-appropriate garden and greenhouse projects.


The Youth Entrepreneurship Cooperative Fellow is responsible for assisting the YEC Program Manager in program development and implementation based on guidance from the City Blossoms Strategic Plan. Program assistance includes but is not limited to leading educational workshops with participating youth, developing work plans, collecting and uploading data, garden maintenance, support with interns, and continuing to foster community partnerships.

The Fellow will also work closely with youth staff to support the growth of Mighty Greens Youth Cooperative, aligning with their mission of food access, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Additional responsibilities will be to support the rest of the City Blossoms team, including but not limited to participation in workdays, community events, and occasional Open Times.

The position will be based at the City Blossoms Studio but will require regular travel to two or three satellite sites throughout Washington, DC. The position requires a Monday through Friday schedule between December-March, Tuesday through Saturday schedule otherwise, and with the ability to work between 8am and 8pm.


1 - Program Administration Have an understanding of the program’s goals, objectives, target groups, and approaches; Work with Program Manager to drive program progress, ensure engagement, and overcome any implementation obstacles that the program may encounter; Follow quarterly programmatic workplans; Assist in the support of a YEC Intern; Maintain close communication with City Blossoms staff and partners to support successful program implementation; Participate in programming meetings to support planning and implementation; Ensure accurate and timely reporting (written and verbal) to staff on project processes; Support accurate and timely data collection and input into evaluation trackers.

2- Program Support Co-teach YEC curriculum to participants; Support the creation of resources, and materials; Assist in the maintenance of the program gardens and greenhouses; Support Mighty Greens-led activities including the making of added-value products, tabling at events and farmers markets and organizing trainings, skill-shares, trips and donations.

3- Representation, Networking, and Collaboration Maintain good working relationships with team members, outside partners, and implementing organizations; Represent City Blossoms in relevant forums and develop/maintain relationships with implementing partner and other stakeholders; Manage Mighty Greens’ social media, website page, newsletters and email correspondences. Other tasks in line with the essential functions/responsibilities mentioned above may be required.


Education & Experience High School Certificate or Equivalent; One year of Post High-School Employment or Education; Basic communication skills in Spanish preferred; Passion for City Blossoms’ mission.


  • Successful completion of background checks including DC and FBI; 
  • Successful completion of Tuberculosis test.


  • At home working in a collaborative, fast-paced professional setting;
  • Strong active listening, verbal and written communication skills;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs and Google applications; 
  • Strong problem-solving skills;
  • High attention to detail and self-starter mentality;
  • Preference for a highly collaborative and creative work environment;
  • Comfortable with physical tasks, including lifting 20 pounds.

How To Apply

Please send resume and cover letter by the application deadline to Rebecca Lemos-Otero at