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Global Family UK | Falkirk, United Kingdom

Global Family UK

Published 19 days ago

March 2, 2020
August 28, 2020
6 Months | Full-time

Location: Falkirk, Scotland

Duration: 6 Months

Compensation: Volunteer (housing provided)


Global Family Care Network was established with the belief that long-term alternative care for at-risk and abandoned children is best practiced within the structure of a family. Global Family operates community-based prevention programs, short-term residential rehabilitation shelters, and aftercare programs for victims of human trafficking and systematic abuse. The center for Child Protection and Evidence-Based Anti-Human Trafficking Practice in Scotland is looking for interns to contribute to Global Family’s work around the world. Learn more about Global Family at


Global Family is looking for an Agenda One Intern to engage in research and writing in gospel- and faith-based development. Agenda One is guided by the principle that true holistic transformational development is only possible when the religious/spiritual aspects of humanity are addressed.

The principle aim of this project is to find and develop a culture series of change messages that lead to the reduction of the number of children being forced or taken to live outside of a loving family. The numbers of street children, trafficked children, orphaned and abandoned children living in chronic poverty in the world today is still painfully high despite billions of dollars and significant human effort from churches, charities, and governments. Generally speaking, our collective effort has changed the circumstances of many thousands of children, which is something to be celebrated. However, many children still live in situations of exploitation, violence and abuse.

The project is based on the assumption that the principle cause of children living in suffering is prevailing culture. There is, therefore, a need for culture change in the way children are viewed, valued and treated. Community-based action, local solutions to local problems, is the only real sustainable hope for children at-risk. Culture change is needed across the fields that drive local action: community, churches, NGOs and donors. In all these fields there is a need for us to reflect on our culture and world-view and to seek out elements that are not for life or for the poor. Key to this culture change is repentance, a turning towards Jesus. This is our Agenda One and involves an entering into the Kingdom of God, living our lives and doing our work with Kingdom of God values, attitudes and behaviors.

The project’s approach is to bring world-views of community, church, Christian NGO’s and donors into reflexive dialogue and reflection to find culture change message able to transform mind-sets (mental models), values, attitudes and behaviors towards children. It aims to discover methods that are able to carry this message and reveal practices that exploit, enslave, abuse or mistreat children and that bring community, churches, NGOs and donors to a place of repentance, a ‘turning around’. The result of this work will be a set of developed culture change tools tested and ready for wider use.

The project will engage a core team with backgrounds and specialisms in the four fields of community, church, donor and Christian NGO’s. The core activities will be:

i. Diagnosis: Four fields (community, church, NGO and donor) mine and research the perspectives and needs, diagnosis from each of the fields on how children are seen, valued and treated.

ii. Dialogue: The perspectives from each field are subject to a creative process of reflexive dialogue in order to develop a culture change message.

iii. Development: Of the culture change message, captured in a variety of messaging tools, i.e. video, social media, print media, training materials as well as distribution tools, i.e. mailing/emailing lists, and websites. Collect and develop tools, manuals, social media, print media, training materials developed to support the culture change message, that are then tested, evaluated and further developed with churches, communities, charities and with donors.

iv. Distribution: These tools are given back to culture change agents in the fields i.e. pastors, coaches, fund-raisers, development workers, and clubs through disseminating the tools through training and consultancy.

v. Duplication: There is a reiterative process as systems and culture change so new ideas and methods are raised within the different fields, these come back to the team, are tested and disseminated.


This intern will collaborate with the Project Lead to develop and review research on gospel- and faith-based development. He/she will contribute to research and writing projects for podcasts, books, and articles. The intern will also design practical community actions that can be delivered by churches into their community, these actions provide community based social safety nets that aim keep children in families rather than placed into institutions, unless the family is seen as unsafe for the child. This intern should be someone who is interested in finding new approaches to the world’s most pressing problems by exploring development and the Gospel.

Location: Falkirk, Scotland

Duration: 6 Months

Compensation: Volunteer (housing provided)


Global Family Care Network was established with the belief that long-term alternative care for at-risk and abandoned children is…

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