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Rural & Migrant Ministry has openings for summer interns. RMM – throughout its thirty-seven year history – has worked with hundreds of interns from across the country providing experiential education in the areas of youth empowerment, advocacy and community leadership development. Interns have an opportunity to learn about: challenges farmworkers face in NY, issues around education and immigration, and the obstacles facing non-profit organizations working in this field.

Rural & Migrant Ministry is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that works for the creation of a just, rural New York State through: Nurturing leadership; Standing with the disenfranchised, especially farmworkers and rural workers; Changing unjust systems and structure

Internships take place from June 4th through August 18th and a limited number of positions offer a $2,500 stipend. All positions offer housing for interns who come from outside the area, and access to a shared vehicle. Interns who stay until the 17th to help with Summer Camp receive a week of vacation in the midst of the summer session. We value applicants who can provide their own funding through fellowships and we can help potential interns apply for funding at any point.

Requirements for all placements:

• A commitment to justice

• Driver’s license

• A willingness to work irregular hours and drive a lot of miles

• Respect for people of all backgrounds

• Pledge to maintain open communication with fellow staff and interns

• Proficiency in Spanish, Haitian Creole, or Jamaican Patois is preferred, but not always required

• If receiving housing, must commit to communal living agreements and participate in site maintenance


Office: Lyons, NY

Interns working with the Rural Worker Education Center, known as “Liturgia,” in Lyons will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the farmworker community. Interns live together communally in the center and participate in events, and outreach to farm camps and potential allies. Interns are expected to help facilitate evening programming and take on responsibilities related to one of our programs, which include the continued development of a farmworker steering committee who work closely with RMM promoting leadership opportunities, a Women’s Group, and the teen youth empowerment program, JOY (Justice Organization of Youth). JOY is unique because the students use theater of the oppressed methods to bring awareness to issues that directly affect them. The center symbolizes a safe place for people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and languages to come for resources and to devote their energy to positive community and legislative change. The summer is also a unique time because the two­-week Summer Leadership Day Program takes place for children from local towns and farm camps from late July to early August. Participation as a Day Program counselor is an important aspect of the internship for all Liturgia summer positions. Interns are expected to commit themselves to the mission of the center, and in return will receive the joy of connecting with a diverse community.

Additional Requirements:

  • Fluency in Spanish, Haitian Creole, or Jamaican Patois

Kids for College

Kids for College is a pre-college mentoring program for youth in rural Western New York (based in Sodus) who would be the first in their family to go to college. The program makes use of peer support through an afterschool program, and also provides individualized attention, the purpose of which is to help students articulate their vision of themselves in the future. Kids for College has been sending 100% of program graduates on to postsecondary education for 20 years under the leadership of Dr. Lory Ghertner, who is now retiring. We are looking for a college intern to work with Lory, RMM, and Migrant Education on the transition for Kids for College to its next stage of existence. This includes working with Lory to document the components of the program and to interview previous participants about their experience. The intern will also research possible untapped resources, both human and financial funding. Then, in consultation with partner organizations, school districts, and colleges, the intern will develop a proposal for the continuation of the program. The intern will also have the opportunity to help with another youth program such as Adelante or Migrant Education.


Office: Poughkeepsie, NY

Youth Arts Group

Members of the Youth Arts Group meet year­‐round to explore issues of social justice that are important to their lives, and actualize their response in art. YAG is simultaneously about self-empowerment and community development for positive change. YAG finishes their academic year program in June with a multi-­day educational trip. The YAG intern is responsible for the bulk of the organizing for this trip, in addition to helping with transportation and as a role model during meetings. YAG members also participate in programs during the summer with RMM and partner organizations where they help with projects both artistic and committed to community building. The college intern acts as a guide during these projects and participates in the majority of events and educational trips.

For more information, visit:

Overnight Camp and Rural Women’s Assembly

There is the opportunity to work in the main office of RMM behind the scenes on several projects related to youth empowerment and community education. First, it takes a tremendous amount of coordination to run an Overnight Camp in late August for 80 children and nearly 30 staff. The Intern will work directly with Camp Program Coordinator to finalize programming with artists-in-residence and evening performers, organize counselors, file camp applications, finalize field trip details, and assist parents with questions. The Intern may also be asked to research alternative methods of funding and grants to support the camp, and to use computer skills to create spreadsheets with schedules, contacts, and cabin assignments. Similar communication and organizational skills will be put to work supporting the annual Rural Women's Assembly. The Intern will participate in the weekly committee meetings, and take on a specific project such as research or contacting women in the network. To complement those projects, the Intern will also help our Managing Director apply for small grants. This internship is ideal for someone interested in what makes a nonprofit work.

ADELANTE: Student Voices

Rural & Migrant Ministry is the fiscal sponsor for Adelante Student Voices. The program works with undocumented students who live in rural and suburban areas isolated from resources such as legal services and the larger immigrant rights movement. The goal is to create a support system and base of knowledge that will empower the student and their families to navigate their legal status, especially as it pertains to activism and access to higher education. During the summer, there is a 10-day overnight sessions based at a college in Poughkeepsie from June 24th – July 3rd. We are in need of an intern or interns who can help with final preparations for the session, as a counselor during the session, and then with program wrap-up and creating suggestions and resources for the following year.

This internship is in special need of someone with institutional funding support. Otherwise, as the ADELANTE budget is limited, we will only be able to fund the internship if RMM programs receive interns with institutional funding instead.


Liberty, NY

Youth Economic Group

Members of the Youth Economic Group manage their own cooperative silkscreen business, Bags for Justice ( The business provides them the opportunity to explore fair workplace practices as well as express themselves through designs. Over the summer, the youth work in teams to explore justice and activism in their community and design new products that feature the issue. They also silk-screen previous designs to fill orders, and build the business by going to events. Over the summer students work at the studio 3 days per week. The work days require a fair amount of driving to bring students to the office and back home. The college intern works closely with the YEG Coordinator to enable the participation of the students by providing transportation, supervision, and mentorship. You do not need experience working with silk-screening in order to be a good mentor and help facilitate discussions about the social justice topics—although a willingness to learn the business/production side from the youth and coordinator is necessary to help the days go smoothly. YEG is housed at Spark, RMM’ worker education center in Liberty, NY that also serves as a community meeting place.


Riverhead, NY

Farmworker Outreach/ Development/

The Long Island intern team will support the Center for Alliance, Solidarity, and Accompaniment (CASA). The consejo (council) of worker leaders designs programming at the center and discusses community needs at weekly meetings. This summer, we plan to offer English classes, Spanish literacy courses, and a Summer Day Program for children. Interns will accompany worker leaders and staff on outreach to farms and in the facilitation of these programs. Interns can also partner with the Justice for Farmworker Campaign team to mobilize and educate allies in the key Long Island Senate districts. Finally, we need to identify new sources of funding and develop special events to finance our work. As an intern, you will also have the opportunity to join our public relations and development team.

Additional requirement: Fluency in Spanish


Justice for Farmworkers

The Justice for Farmworker campaign has been accompanying farmworkers on their mission for labor equal rights for over 15 years. 2018 marks the beginning of a new stage as we explore the future of the legislative campaign with leaders both among farmworkers and long-time allies. The intern for the Justice for Farmworkers Campaign will help local committees create events and actions to mobilize constituents, and form new networks of support. Since 2018 is an election year, we will ask the intern to track Senate races in key districts and research potential new Senators and Assemblymembers. Finally, the JFW intern will manage the Campaign’s social media presence on Twitter and Facebook.


**Please indicate which position interests you and why within your cover letter. It is perfectly find to apply for multiple positions at one time.


  • Housing
  • Access to a shared vehicle with a gas card

How To Apply

PRIORITY DEADLINE March 26th, 2018

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to:

Rural & Migrant Ministry

PO Box 4757 Poughkeepsie, NY 12602

Or email Katia at

For more information about RMM visit our website,

Contact Katia Chapman with any questions. Office phone: (845) 485- 8627 Email: