Project Manager: Bio-remediation of Grey-water and Contaminated soil (WaSH project Internship)

Academic Credits


Hours per week

35-40 hours per week




ViKAAS Dev SEVA Centre
New High School
Himachal Pradesh


Duration: 2-12 months; Desired Start: As soon as possible


Project Needs and Description:                                                                                                  

India is facing a critical problem of water scarcity due to declining water sources. Hence water treatment has become an area of significant importance. The domestic wastewater may generate effluents with reduced levels of nitrogen, solids and organic matter, but often contain higher levels of surfactants, oils, boron and salts. These components of grey-water may have harmful effects on soil, plants and underground water.

One of our WaSH project projects under the SWASH Village programme initiative is aimed at Grey-water Recovery through Bio-remediation and small constructed wetlands in rural households and community places.

By modeling appropriate technologies and social behaviours for food production, water, and sanitation in rural areas in India, we hope to create a water conservation culture. Our past projects under research and development include using reeds and other greens with sand and gravel, as well as a biochar filter. 

We look forward to more curious and motivated minds to join us and improve these systems and/or innovate something new that is economical, resilient and easy to use at household level.

Location: One of five villages of different topographic environments (high mountains of Jammu & Kashmir, hills of Himachal Pradesh, agricultural plains of Punjab and desert region of Rajasthan) in India. 



-Self-motivation and flexibility 

-Interest and motivation to collaborate with community and team members.

-Ability to work both on your own and as part of an international team.

-Ability to multitask and organize your work under minimal supervision and limited resources.

-Strong communications skills.

-Creative, open minded and positive manner facing challenges and unexpected events.

Desired Background:

-Completed degree or present study in Water and/or Wastewater Science/Engineering, Water Sanitation, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or other relevant environmental science degree/natural science degree

NOTE ON LOCATION/S: Even though "Rait, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh" has been indicated as the "internship location"(only one location can be given per internship role- please see "Internship location" section) this position is available in most, if not all other EduCARE India centers with an ongoing "SWASH Village" program, i.e. depending on availability, also in Naddi, Himachal Pradesh; Karu-Changa, Ladakh; Harike, Punjab and Gajner/Rangmahal, Rajasthan.




-Gain on ground exposure to the operation of a grassroots development NGO

-Learn how to plan, research, manage, empower, and work individually and alongside a team

-Develop a deep understanding of challenges faced by developing countries like India as well as what is making it succeed

-Gain cross-cultural fieldwork experience in a multi-cultural team

-Develop project management and leadership skills

-Develop community development know-how

-Profit from a first hand perspective with a developing self-sustainable social enterprise model NGO

-Gain new global perspectives and connections within the development sector abroad

-Affordable internship with free accommodation, office with internet facilities and coverage of all work-related expenses.

How To Apply

To apply please fill in the application form using the online application link and send your CV and Cover Letter to -CC: