Project Manager- Waste Management Prototype for “SWASH Village”

Academic Credits


Hours per week

35-40 hours




Nzotpa House, Leh-Manali Road
Karu-Changa, Leh
Jammu & Kashmir


SWASH Village is looking for an “Assistant Project Manager- Design Management” in six villages of different topographic environments (high mountains, hills, agricultural plains, and desert/arid region) in India. As part of the organization’s SWASH Village program a waste management system is planned that includes waste collection from all stakeholders (incl. households, and, depending on location, also hotels, restaurants, grocery shops, non-grocery shops and/or food stands) a waste collection and storage facility as well as a waste processing facility. The ultimate goal is for the locality to be a ‘Zero Waste’ village in which all waste is treated as a resource for recycling and reused to prevent any waste from reaching the landfill. 

In order to test whether a new sustainable solid waste management system can work in a touristic, yet rural setting with many stakeholders(including households, and, depending on location, also from hotels, restaurants, grocery shops, food stands and households) first a prototype with all stakeholders needs to be designed and implemented in order to appraise whether it is functional and thus also determine whether the prototype is replicable on a large scale in the entire village. The project manager will undertake most or all of the following tasks/responsibilities:

-In collaboration with the Chief Program Director, Assistant Program Coordinator, Center Project Coordinator and fellow team members design a solid waste management prototype for all stakeholders, incl. at least two households, two hotels, two restaurants, two grocery stores, two food stands, one non-grocery store and the local school.

-Test implementation of this prototype.

-Appraise replaceability of prototypes to all members of each stakeholder group- e.g. in the case of grocery shops, if there has been a trial with two grocery shops appraise whether it is functional and can be extended to all grocery shops in the village.

-Appraise replaceability of prototypes for each stakeholder group as part of an integrated system, so that all parts of the waste management system (i.e. all stakeholders) can function interrelatedly.

-If necessary, make improvements to individual stakeholders or entire system.

- In collaboration with fellow team members, Assistant Programme Coordinator and Chief Programme Director implement the successful prototype for all groups of stakeholders.


-Self-motivation and flexibility.

-Ability to work both independently and as part of an international team.

-Ability to multitask and organize your work under minimal supervision and limited resources.

-Strong communications skills.

-Interest and motivation to collaborate with community and team members.

-Creative, open minded and positive manner facing challenges and unexpected events.


–Degree or present study in solid waste management, chemical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, biochemistry, or other environmental science degree preferred but not condition for acceptance

–Passion for sustainability and conservation of the environment strongly desired.

NOTE ON LOCATION/S: Even though "Leh, Himachal Pradesh" has been indicated as the internship location (only one location can be given per internship role) this position is available in most, if not all other EduCARE India centers with an ongoing "SWASH Village" program, i.e. depending on availability, also in Rait, Himachal Pradesh; Naddi,Himachal Pradesh; Gajner, Rajasthan and Rangmahal, Rajasthan.


-Learn how to plan, research, manage, empower, and work individually and alongside a team

-Gain on ground exposure to the operation of a grassroots development NGO

-Develop a deep understanding of challenges faced by developing countries like India as well as what is making it succeed

-Gain a first hand perspective with a developing self-sustainable social enterprise model NGO

-Gain cross-cultural fieldwork experience in a multi-cultural team

-Develop project management and leadership skills

-Develop new global perspectives and connections within the development sector abroad

-Affordable internship with free accommodation, office with internet facilities and coverage of all work-related expenses.

How To Apply

To apply please fill in the Online Application Form and send your CV and cover letter to -CC: We would be delighted to receive your application.