Marine Turtle / Wetlands Tortoise Conservation Program (India - Asia)

Academic Credits


Hours per week

35 to 40 Hrs per week; 6-weeks to 6-months (extendable for competent individuals)




Bhavikodla Beach Road
EcoDeva House


Marine / Freshwater Life Conservation Project volunteer - internship opportunities abroad in India provides personal and professional development through hands-on field experience in turtle and tortoise conservation, sea or river water dolphin conservation, water birds conservation, other water animals conservation.

Whether or not you desire a long-term career in conservation, this volunteer-internship has the capacity to equip you with practical, unique experiences to positively impact your future employ-ability.

Our volunteer-Interns work on the seas coast and inland freshwater wetland sanctuaries researching and promoting issues related to

  • Sea turtles / wetland tortoise
  • Dolphins (sea/river) conservation
  • educate and assist fishing / hunting community members; general local population, school children and work with other organizations to protect the threatened / endangered species
  • conduct biodiversity research on environmental sustainability and help manage wild animals in their natural habitat with the local community.

One may join this and our other wildlife conservation internship abroad in India and gain:

•   Access to a research-based industry and network

•   Knowledge about conservation techniques in open areas, and sanctuaries

•   Practical field training on grass-root level field projects and community outreach initiatives

•   mentor-ship, guidance and local resource support available for recognized academic fieldwork

•   Improve ability for animal-tracking, using traditional skills and modern equipment

•   Experience with conducting biological assessment and surveys

•   Real-world experience with conservation practices and surrounding wildlife

•   Enhanced interpersonal and leadership capacities through our experiential; learning and leadership course

Our programme is also specially designed to fulfill one's cross-cultural / abroad internship goals. Our staff, local volunteers, community members and resource persons provide the needed assistance throughout your stay.

We / our affiliate family home-stays offer decent accommodation (furnished simple rooms with serene environment, local, Indian and continental dishes scheduled transportation service, security and workplace internet access.


Furnished shared accommodation with kitchen is provided,

Cross cultural experience,

Local support available,

Free internet facility at home/workplace (limited access data sticks / unlimited broadband)

How To Apply

for more information please write to


1. Goa-Gokarna coast, south India

2. Gajner Sanctuary, Rajasthan Lake

3. Harike (Punjab) Wetlands and River Sanctuary, north ndia