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INR 3000 / month

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At least 3 months, up to 6



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Tamil Nadu


Are you passionate about sustainable agriculture and development ? Are you looking for an enriching adventure this summer to discover a new exciting world while gaining experience in your field ? Look no further! Join our local and international team at Blossom Trust and become our new Organic Farm Development Officer !

About Dayspring Home & Organic Farm

Dayspring Farm is located in Chittoor, a rural village of Madurai district, in the state of Tamil Nadu, in South India. In 2003, Blossom Trust, a non-profit organisation, created Dayspring Home, an orphanage for children affected by HIV/AIDS and TB. It is now the home for upto 30 children between 3 and 18 years old. The farm is located at Dayspring Home, on a 7 acres plot. It was established to create a sustainable food for the children and income incase of a bumper harvest.

Functioning of the farm

The crops composed of tomatoes, eggplants (aubergines), finger-ladies, chili peppers and mango trees. We also have livestock of cows, goats and chicken.

The farm is maintained by a gardener, and international volunteers that come to visit and help us. The children also participate to pick-up and care of the livestock.

We want to be as eco-friendly and healthy as possible. Thus, instead of using pesticides and chemical fertilisers, we use an organic local mixture called Panchagavya as compost.

The farm is taking steps to be as eco-friendly and healthy as possible: instead of using pesticides and chemical fertilisers, we use three different kind of local organic mixture called Panchagavya, asola and geevamirtham.

The livestock provides us with meat, but most of it with milk. We sell any excess production to the local community for revenue to buy rice, spices and sometimes fruits.

We now want to diversify and increase the production of crop, and design a self-sufficient sustainable system for the farm.

For further information about Blossom and Dayspring Home, please visit our websites:

Job description

  • Work with the farm production team to promote healthy soils and food production
  • Help design a self-sufficient sustainable permaculture farm
  • Introduce new sustainable farming methods adaptive to the climatic condition in Chittoor
  • Design new water conservation methods to improve already existing water sources
  • Design and introduce efficient insect control measures
  • Promote permaculture farming practices
  • Improve protein production
  • Design methods to improve yields from the farm
  • Maintain erosion control measures
  • Promote the healthy engagement of farm animals into the landscape and for consumption (eggs, chicken, goats, milk, etc.)
  • Promote Biodiversity
  • Improve the irrigation system and introduce water saving system such as drip

Minimum requirements

  • The suitable candidates will have or Studying towards a degree/diploma in Agriculture, permaculture, Agronomy, Sustainability or any related field
  • Passionate for permaculture and organic sustainable development
  • Willing to take initiatives and proactive: we need you to propose effective solutions and to implement them
  • Willing to “manage” one or more volunteers that are going to come to help in the farm
  • Adaptations skills
  • Fundraising is a plus (we will need to raise funds to implement the projects)
  • Experience of at least one short internship in the field required
  • Able to promote the farm on the internet and social networks is a plus
  • Minimum 3 months, up to 6


Free lodging & free food

How To Apply

If you think you meet the criteria above, please send your resume and cover letter to explaining your interest in the position and why you will be the best matchfor the position and your AVAILABILITY DATES. Early candidatures will be prefered.