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kabukye kamuli
Western Region


This internshipe project will target the mother, her unborn baby (to prevent stillbirths) and the newly born baby (to reduce neonatal deaths) in one of the hardest to reach districts of Uganda, kamuli. Our aim is to bridge the policy-to-implementation gap by implementing a community-driven facility-linked maternal and newborn intervention. The dyad of woman and newborn face many problems, some of which cost them their lives. These problems include limited access to appropriate quality of care resulting from inadequate skills and knowledge among health workers, persistent stock out of drugs, and inadequate knowledge of newborn care and danger signs among care barriers. Whilst the maternal and newborn mortality are considered to be reducing in Uganda, it is important to recognize that there are mortality variabilities across and within regions/districts. In our previous study , newborn mortality and low birth weight were estimated at 34 and 140 per 1,000 live births, respectively. We shall therefore work with community volunteers. health facility internees, internation volunteers, and community based organization as frontline implementers to be able to address the identified and emerging demand and supply health system’s bottlenecks. Through working with community health workers, we shall be able to have individual (children and women), household, and villages panel system that will be able to track the outcomes within individual, which we shall link to the possible attributable factors. We shall also form a panel of health facilities a for us to be able to document the barriers and facilitators of project implementation. Such system will generate clear estimates on pregnancy outcomes, child survival, health facility accessibility and the quality of care, and the causes of possible changes. In addition, the system will be able to track emerging implementation challenges and unintended implementation outcomes.

VHO will invite internees to champion this project kindly we invite you to apply for this new assignment in kamuli district


the organization works with wide rang of community organization in Uganda so internees are always considered as assets hence good placement,

internee can us us as refer for further carear development

we offer culture training and local language development.

security and accommodation is grantee for our internees.

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send a letter to,

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