Web Design & Social Media Intern


Fee Required




99/1 M.5


Conserve Natural Forests is a non-profit organization operating out of Pai, Thailand. CNF is dedicated to wildlife conservation, particularly for the Asian Elephant, reforestation and combating deforestation, as well as community education. CNF envisions a planet where education can generate awareness and passion for engaging in environmental conservation, so that biodiversity can be preserved and endangered species may roam natural forests freely.

Conserve Natural Forests is seeking a creative web designer to further design and manage our website. This individual must be self-motivated, willing to work independently and possess the ability to improve our website powered by Nirvana and Wordpress.

Duties will include:

Improving the organization's current website design and updating it's content.

Working alongside our photographer in order to acquire the best possible images for the website.

Develop and manage our social media accounts by creating and posting content daily.

Creating a social media marketing and communications framework.

Developing, implementing and managing our social media campaigns.

Managing multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter content.


Have a background in Web Design, Communications, Marketing, Public Relations.

Excellent comunication and editing skills.

Knowledge of social media- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, Youtube.

Ability to contribute individually and participate in a team environment.

Must be positive and professional.

Fee includes: Housing/Transportation/Meals

How To Apply

If a qualified candidate is interested in participating, please send a CV and cover letter to internships@conservenaturalforests.org