Health and Wellness Media Internship

Academic Credits


Hours per week

8 months - 1year minimum




United States


Internships at Open Source Wellness

Open Source Wellness welcomes MA-level and BA-level students (and recent graduates) to join our staff team. We typically take interns from the following fields, but welcome inquiries from all:

-      Health: Health coaching, public health, population health, medicine/pre-med, etc.

-      Psychology: Counseling psych, social psych, research psych,

-      Social Work/Social Services

-      Organizational Development, Nonprofit Management, Business

-      Marketing, Social Media, PR

Please read the description below and our website ( before applying. Thanks for your interest! We look forward to connecting with you!


Elizabeth Markle, Ph.D, and Ben Emmert-Aronson, Ph.D., Cofounders.


Open Source Wellness (OSW) is a “behavioral pharmacy” where basic, trans-diagnostic health behaviors are taught and practiced. Representing the next generation of clinical-community integration and behavioral medicine, OSW is a delivery system for the health practices that underlie physical and psychological health and wellbeing. The core programming consists of movement for all fitness levels, basic mindfulness and stress reduction, nutritious family-style meals (plant-based), and facilitated social support and connection, and is largely facilitated by peer leaders in a hybrid drop-in and intensive cohort-group model. Open Source Wellness is refining models that are based in clinical settings, low-income housing communities, and open-access community settings, and aims to support sustained health behavior change, foster meaningful social connection and belonging, and offset substantial downstream medical costs via community-based generation of the factors upstream from health.

IMAGINE THIS: A doctor informs a patient that she has a chronic disease: pre-diabetes, obesity, cardiac disease, or depression. Instead of saying: “Eat better, move more, here’s a handout, good luck!” - the physician says: “I’ve written you a different kind of prescription – I think of it as a Behavioral Pharmacy. It’s not a class –or a lecture – it’s a community dedicated to wellbeing where members actually cook healthy food, do fun physical movement, and learn stress-reduction together. Once you’ve completed your 3-month prescription, they will help you connect with others in your neighborhood who get together to practice– in fact, there are peer-led gatherings in schools, community centers, and even right here in our clinic – and your whole family is always welcome to join you.”

Our mission is to transform health outcomes and health equity by creating integrated clinical-community channels for individuals and families to find workable, affordable, and sustainable health behavior solutions. 

Our Interns learn and work with OSW in two main capacities:

1. Facilitation of OSW programming. Based on their existing skills and the training we provide, Interns may host OSW days/evenings, facilitate physical movement, help prepare healthy food, and/or lead guided mindfulness practice. Those with skill or interest in health coaching are trained and supported in providing coaching, mentorship, and support to OSW participants around health-related lifestyle changes. Key skills include a welcoming, warm, and attentive interpersonal presence and a willingness to learn.

2. Organizational Development, Operations, Growth. As a new nonprofit startup that's growing fast, working hard, and aspiring to become a national standard of care, we welcome ALL of your talents. Social Media? Fundraising? Communications? Grant-writing? Developing partnerships? If you're ready to dive in and help accelerate our work, we're ready to work with you.

We welcome students, seniors, all those committed to making a difference in the wellbeing of our communities; people of color, those who speak Spanish (or another language), and mid-career individuals enthusiastically encouraged to apply! We seek individuals who are reliable about their commitments, clear in their communication, and eager to learn, grow, and belong to a community dedicated to facilitating the practices of wellbeing. We're flexible on # hours/week for interns, but can work with you to ensure that any academic/licensure requirements are met if you're working towards a degree. Reach out and let's see what's possible!


Hours: 10 per week

Minimum Availability: Tuesdays 12-4PM

Commitment: 8 months-1 year+

To Apply

Please send an email indicating your interest, along with your cover letter and resume/CV, to

How To Apply

To Apply

Please send an email indicating your interest, along with your cover letter resume/CV and your general work availability, to