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Who can be an intern?

An intern at NBLCA is typically someone who is enrolled in a graduate program that requires work experience in an area of interest and gains course credit for this experience.

Intern Opportunities

Student interns work closely with NBLCA to customize their educational experience around specific categories of interest. Each of the categories listed in the scope of work have multiple projects that would expose the participants to real world application that has immediate or long lasting impact. The primary categories and example activities include:

Research & Evaluation

  • Conducts academic research and literature reviews on issues related to PrEP/nPEP, HIV testing and treatment, stigma, etc. (I can do a training on lit reviews if necessary)
  • Provides assistance with data recording and quantitative analysis of survey results (basic SPSS knowledge is a plus)
  • Provides assistance with interview/focus group transcription and data collection
  • Develops internally circulated programmatic and policy briefs

Non-profit Management/Administration:

  • Database management
  • Meeting preparation for local, regional or national conferences
  • Fundraising research and grant writing
  • Community Planning, Capacity Building and Technical Assistance:
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of local, state and national meetings
  • Assist in planning, implementation and evaluation of Capacity Building Assistance activities including conference calls, webinars, or one-on-one trainings.
  • Assists with the development of PowerPoint presentations and materials to be distributed at NBLCA events

Community Education and Mobilization:

  • Assist in planning, implementation and evaluation of events/activities
  • Assist organization in enhancing cross-promotional activities

Communications and Public Affairs:

  • Assist in writing press releases
  • Maintaining social networking sites and increasing internet presence
  • Assist with marketing and promotion of organizational programs

The individualized program plan can include a rotation of agency activities to provide for a full and comprehensive experience and educational enhancement for the participant.

We are looking for highly motivated student interns to come join us.


Stipend or academic credit.

How To Apply

Send a resume, cover letter and writing samples to which details the following: