Intership for Improving Social Welfare in the Community



Hours per week

6 hours per day, and per week at least 30 hours






We have internship chances such as accounting, finance, teaching, research, health, human rights e.t.c in different organizations or companies which you can services your internship. You need to have at least of your field choice.

*What to expect as intern in your internship:

Most of interns work full time but you can choose to work half day. You will gain work experience and required qualifications of your field of study from a reputable organization or company. We partner with different organizations or companies in which you can start your internship at any time, so its flexible we work with your schedule. You will also get help of language translation if you will need.


Intern will gain work experience, different culture experience, get more friends, enjoy our natural beauts such as going for safaris, hiking in the mountains, and visiting cultural tourism centers in Tanzania.

How To Apply

To apply, only write to us or send your application letter through above mention email or contact us via our website. You can send your application at any time.

Importance Notice;

For all information on Tanzanian visa requirements please contact your local embassy.

Visit our website for more information about accommodation, working permit e.t.c

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via our mentioned email address or on our website