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New City Kids is a ministry led by both adults and teenagers committed to experiencing the Kingdom of God in the city. It is unique in its ability to trust teenagers with leadership. At New City Kids, teens help create, manage, and lead performing arts after school centers, sailing schools, a summer camp, and other creative ministries. The younger children participate in these ministries and grow up believing that they can accomplish and succeed like the teens around them. Children who participate in our daily after school center not only learn mastery of an instrument, but also gain crucial academic support and the strong message that they belong to the family of a loving God. Summer ministries include a four-week summer camp and sailing school.


New City Kids’ internship is designed to help you explore a calling to ministry. The internship begins with serving at Summer Camp or another summer program. During the school year, the internship will be primarily structured around a focus area, which will be balanced with a general urban ministry experience across all areas of programming. There are many areas of ministry at New City Kids, and you will have the ability to shape an internship experience based on your gifts and passions as well as New City Kids’ staffing needs.


• Teen mentoring – Work as a mentor and coach to teens, helping young people develop as leaders in their personal and professional lives.

• Early childhood development – Work to evaluate academic deficits in elementary school children; apply our academic curriculum, or create your own to support kids’ academic growth.

• Design / video / marketing – Serve on the communications team, using your artistic talent to help produce materials and events. You’ll learn how to empower people to join a cause.

• Worship leading / musical instruction – Serve as a musical instructor to kids or teens in bass guitar, piano, drums, or vocals. Help lead the teen worship band as they practice and perform at churches across the state.

• Non-profit management – Learning the components of vision, strategy, programming, fundraising, boards, budgets, and program evaluations and how they work together.

• Outdoor leadership – Put your desire to bring youth to nature through our City Sail program, teaching kids teamwork, sailing, and swimming during the summer months.


• Service – Your greatest asset is a willingness to serve those around you. An internship is a chance for growth.

• Initiative – You will be trained in a number of ministry skills and often given very specific tasks and responsibilities. There will also be times when you will need to choose what to do next when no one is directing you. These are times to make something happen, to find the thing that needs to be done, or the one who needs to be served in that moment.

• Desire to learn – Learn everything you can. Ask questions. Be open to feedback. Read the local paper. Read books. Talk with your teammates. Debrief with your supervisor. Wrestle with the hard questions about God, the city, and the Kingdom unfolding around you.

• Christian Commitment – Affirm New City Kids’ statement of faith (

• Authenticity – Be yourself without focusing on what others think of you. Carry yourself in a way that is true to who God made you to be as you build relationships with those around you.

• Flexibility – You need to be able to adapt and operate within a changing environment.

• Communication ability – It is important to have strong communication skills and the ability to interact with kids and teenagers in both large and small group settings.

• Driver’s license – You’ll be driving teens on field trips and outings.


Position Type: Full Time

Internship Hours: 40 hours per week

Start: Summer or Fall 2018

Locations: Jersey City, NJ / Paterson, NJ / Grand Rapids, MI

How To Apply

Complete application at and email resume and cover letter to