Ecosystem and wildlife monitoring internship

Hours per week





Kalamos island main village


Suitable candidates aged 18 years old and above at the time of application can apply for this.

Interns will be trained and given the chance to work through a specialist supervisor on ecosystem monitoring of the organisation on one or more of the current programs in marine or terrestrial plant and animals currently studied at the Kalamos island biological field station

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to monitor individual populations of plants and animals as well as entire ecosystems in a Mediterranean context and how to analyse and interpret relevant data

The intern will stay at the Kalamos island biological field station for the duration of the internship.

Participation in the program entails a fee paid by either the intern or another suitable legal entity or jointly . This fee covers all aspects of participation including supervision,a work related health insurance package and accommodation. At present it is 600 euros per calendar month(30 day period).


The objective of our Internship program is to provide for an opportunity for qualified individuals to gain practical experience in biodiversity conservation, habitat restoration,sustainable development and ecological monitoring related to the aforementioned fields. Participation in the program entails a specified work schedule aimed at training the individual combined with appropriate tutorials and training seminars

At present interns can become partly or entirely involved in one or more of the following

-Monitoring and mapping Posidonia Oceanica habitats

-Monitoring of the Endangered monk seal in our area

-Monitoring bird populations in the forest of Kalamos islands and in other habitats in the island group

-Monitoring of coraliferous/spongiferous formations in our area

-Developing income generating alternatives to current environmentally degrading practices. More specifically we are doing trials in organic farming and the work involves developing organic farming systems . Here interns can be involved in our tropical/subtropical tree trials and also in insect monitoring in our vegetable/fruit plots for the basis of developing an organic pest management system

-Standalone projects in one of our thematic areas of work. This is to be agreed with all concerned parties prior

How To Apply

Please contact us on with a CV and a cover letter to initiate the application proccess or for more information