Assistant to Chief Visionary Officer, The KindnessEvolution





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10-12 hrs weeks



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31 San Francisco Boulevard
San Anselmo
United States


The KindnessEvolution Mission: To unite and connect the kindness community for greater impact through collaboration and provide our youth with the tools they need to be the bold and kind leaders of tomorrow.

After 5 years of research on the Kindness in our Nation, we are gathering our foremost Kindness leaders and youth ambassadors with a new bold model of collaboration to create a positive shift in our nation and launch our Nation’s KindnessEvolution, San Francisco, April 20-22, 2018

Looking for recent college graduate or young person, who wants the experience being involved in every aspect of a start-up organization, as we prepare for the April Event.


Jobs would include: Overall Support. Managing Kindness Data, (organizations, people, projects, initiatives, aligned companies, youth advocates, science of....). Research. Social Media.


MUST have some graphic capabilities. We churn out a lot of documents and I needs someone to add minimal design/art direction to up the production value. (Organizing content so it looks better, putting text in boxes, re-sizing logos, calling out important phrases.)

Very organized, someone who loves order and systems. A lot of kindness data comes in daily and it needs to be sorted and prioritized, inputted and followed up on. As my LHMW (Left Hand Man or Woman) you will physically be by my side as we produce interim events, explore education collaborations for our youth, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.


MUST BE LOCAL, as office hours will be in Marin, CA (San Anselmo)



This is an opportunity, not only to be doing great work, but also to be mentored. I produced TV commercials for 20 years, and as an assistant producer, was mentored by an Executive Producer and learned from her, by her side for a full year. An invaluable experience that positively informed and impacted my 30+year advertising, marketing, production and communications career.  I would like to provide an experience like this for someone.

How To Apply

Please view the overview 2 minute video at

And reply with a few sentences why you are interested in this position and what skills you bring.

Looking forward to finding the person who's going to be my side as we do this important work.