Galena Creek Visitor Center Naturalist Internship, Nevada


$150 is provided per week

Hours per week





United States


Intern in the USA, where naturalist internship positions are available to assist with environmental field studies on the forest and urban interface between Reno, Nevada and the Sierra Nevada mountains, with special emphasis on the unique ecology of Galena Creek Park, for 3 up to 6 month durations.

Individuals and students with a background in Environmental Science and Ecology can apply.

Cost for food and lodging, transportation once you arrive, all training, orientation and backup is £195 for all durations.

Spend six weeks to 3 months interning at Galena Creek Recreation Area in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains developing and presenting interpretive programs and exhibits about the diverse natural and cultural resources of the Great Basin region and particularly the forest ecosystems. The position works in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and Washoe County, and will contribute to the appreciation of the Sierra Nevada range and forest conservation.

Internship duties include:

• Develop and present interpretive, field study programs;

• Conduct independent research of topics using records, books, files, on-line resources and interviews;

• Assist in operations of the Galena Creek Visitor Center

Positions are for 40 hours per week. Housing and full utilities are provided and a weekly 100$ per diem, and scheduled trips to cultural or scenic attractions take place once a month.

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How To Apply

If you are interested in joining this project, you will need to fill out the online application form (you can also print it out and send it to us by post) – to secure a placement on the project, please complete and submit the form including two references and your application payment payment of £195. If for some reason, your application is not accepted, we would reimburse this payment fully. As part of the application process, we may also need to do a Skype interview with you as well. If your application is successful, we will confirm your place on the programme and we will send you a pre-departure package with all detailed information on your project, suggested items to bring etc.