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Democracy Summer Fellowship 2018:


THE DEMOCRACY SUMMER FELLOWSHIP immerses college and high school students in the history of progressive change, trains them in the skills and issues critical to grass roots organizing, and deploys them in key Congressional campaigns on behalf of Democratic candidates to win back the House and reclaim progressive leadership at every level of government.

Democracy Summer is a formalized political fellowship experience with a comprehensive structure and a beginning, middle and end, including a graduation certificate ceremony. The relationships participants form are deep and enduring.

While benefiting from the students' idealism and energy, the program invests in their intellectual growth and the development of their political skills.  

Democracy Summer consists of an interactive curriculum on public policy issues and the history of progressive Democratic politics; daily guest speakers on policy issues and practical political campaign organizing and strategy; structured campaign organizing projects and deployments; and a mix of popular social and political events. Fellows will receive practical training in all of the key skills of political organizing and democratic campaigning.

Each six-week session will explore a range of issue areas, such as climate change, reproductive freedom, tax policy, immigration and refugee policy, redistricting and gerrymandering, and voting rights and the spread of voter suppression tactics. Fellows will devote at least 50% of a 35 hour work week to direct electoral work including but not limited to phone-banking, canvasing, donor research and campaign research.

Fellows are not paid but they receive a first-class political education, grow a network of friends and compatriots, can request recommendation letters for college or graduate school upon completion and get a free lunch most days of the week (and sometimes dinner!). Scholarships are made available for young people who would not otherwise be able to participate.


Democracy Summer 2018 will operate in at least six geographic centers (DC/MD/VA; Philadelphia suburbs; New Jersey; Charlottesville, VA; Des Moines IA;Twin Cities, MN and Wisconsin). Each center will run two consecutive six-week sessions, with 30-40 Fellows in each session. Fellows choose one session. Fellows are in programming and/or deployed a total of approximately 35 hours per week.

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High school students have been able to receive SSL hours. Need based scholarships available

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