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Global Medicare Foundation is currently seeking interns to join their public health project in Cameroon.

GMF is looking for interns who wish to specialize in the community outreach aspect of our Medicine & Healthcare programs in Cameroon to join a fulltime Public Health project. This opportunity is open to student looking to gain experience in public health or those already working in the field. You can contribute by helping local children and adults who would struggle to access healthcare or afford treatment without our outreach programs.

The Public Health project is based in and around the rural community of Muyuka.

Public health interns participate in community outreach activities every day. Interns work alongside a local healthcare professional who will train you wherever possible in the various screening and testing procedures.

Interns are involved in the following types of work:

General health testing (e.g. blood sugar levels, body mass index, blood pressure) Eye screening Screening for worms Minor wound and skin treatments Malaria testing and treatment Educational talks on general health issues (e.g. hygiene and first aid) The public health outreach programs take place in orphanages, schools, churches, villages, and community centers. Interns usually work from Monday to Friday and have the weekends free to experience living in Cameroon.

Our internships/volunteers intakes are at the start of each month. Applicants are encouraged to join us at the start of each month.

Visit to know more about our internship opportunities.


As an intern with GMF’s public health programs, you will be working with local doctors, nurses and other medical practioners to improve on the health condition of local populations. You will have the opportunity to work inside prisons under the supervision of the prison doctors to provide basic medical checkups and assistance to detainees in critical health conditions. Interns are expected to engage in all aspects of the organization including development, administrative duties, fundraising, event planning, and innovative growth. They will also contribute to develop the report on the subject. The vast majority of your work will be developing the Public Health Program with the goal of fostering change and access to basic health care to undeserved communities.


- Ability to work independently within a team and to drive projects forward with minimal supervision - Ability and motivation to contribute effectively to both the organization's field work and office responsibilities (both are vital to GMF’S success) - A general understanding of public health and the desire to learn more - Willingness to familiarize oneself with all documents relating to the past work of the intern's particular project - Adherence to the confidentiality of sensitive information pertaining to GMF's work - Fluency in spoken and written English - Computer literacy

How To Apply

To apply send CV and motivation letter to