English Teaching (with Capoeira) in Belo Horizonte Brazil

Hours per week

2hrs+ per day for a minimum of 4 weeks



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Belo Horizonte
Minas Gerais


The overall objective of the Capoeira Social Project is to benefit the entire community by exchanging knowledge and resources. The priority is to increase the education and cultural level while providing growth and work opportunities for the disadvantaged youth of Belo Horizonte. Our goal is to expose the children to various aspects of the world and different views of life through interactions with different cultures and by giving them structure, responsibility, and educational activities which are mentally stimulating.


We offer a very unique opportunity in Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil. As a volunteer you will be involved in both English and capoeira courses. If you have never taught English or trained capoeira, do not worry. You will be able to pick up both very quickly. Both you and the children will enjoy the process.


While volunteering in Belo Horizonte, you will be given the opportunity to experience the Brazilian lifestyle from various angles. As a volunteer you will be a gringo, a teacher, a capoeirista, and a friend to the children you are helping as well as the neighborhood you are integrated into. Whether it be for two weeks, a month, or more, your time will be one of learning, enjoyment, and first hand experience of Brazilian culture.


CSP believes that communication (verbal and corporal) is a universal trait and continuous learning process. For that reason, we do not require volunteers to speak a high level of Portuguese on arrival. In fact, immersion learning through interactions will be greatly beneficial for the local teachers you will be assisting as well as the children you will be teaching.

All volunteers that come to Capoeira Social Project will have to participate in social interaction with children. We currently do not have programs only teaching adults but they will be available soon.


For more info visit: http://www.capoeirasocialproject.org/get-involved/volunteer-opportunities-in-baltimore-and-brazil/


Willing to work with interns and their institutions to see if credit could be obtained.

How To Apply


Please include your CV/Resume, a contact of Skype or WhatsApp, as well as any other information you feel may be of interest.