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 Save the Marginalized Uganda was found in 2007 as a continuation of a community social-economic development research. Following the call to achieve the Millennium Development Goal.

It was found by Mr. PAUL and ABOOTI after understanding the challenges girls, mothers and youth were facing.

 STM is dedicated to improve lives of people in the Eastern region of Uganda, implementing a variety of community development projects in rural villages of Kampala, Kamuli and Mbale.

STM currently is working towards the sustainable development goals which replace the MDGS. STM Uganda work is towards achieving the dreams of the youth , girl child, mother and Hiv positive living clients .

SAVE E THE MARGINALIZED is working towards the well being of the mothers, children, youth, PWDS, and positive living peoples to reduce stigma and increase access to community services like health and knowledge through capacity building, these are to be attained through a holistic approach without discrimination of sex, age, race and culture.

Its registered under the ministry and the Ngo board as (Non-profit Organization Registration no.: NB.CD/2499).



To bring equality and realized the dreams of the marginalized; women, children and people with special needs, their rights and reduce inequality through economic empowerment.

Vision: STM visions a society free of oppression, suppression, poverty and HIV AIDS among girl children and youth.


SAVE the Marginalized Uganda is having a big focus on the youth, we are therefore organizing to reach out to 2000 girls with education of menstruation and hygiene management.

The audience will be age between 11 and 19 years of age of young girls who are starting to experience body change.

The training and the video show will be conducted at save the marginalized centre and in same schools, as well s even show will be for community to improve te menstrioan hygiene and education.

The implication of menstruation in African setting has myth of readiness for marriage, in Uganda whenever a girl experiences menstruation, the auntie’s start preparing her for marriage.

The culture of Uganda ,when a girl starts experiencing menstruation she is separated from the main house into small houses to make sure she can receive a male partner for marriage .

For orphans its believed that the parents who died are claiming for food through menstruation blood.

methodology of delivery

STM Uganda will delivery this project trough mobilization and sensitization with the guide of video shows to girls of age 11 to 19 in kamuli and at the orphanage as well as schools.

Impact of this project of menstruation.

The young girls will stop taking it as misfortunate of their gander. The community will stop calling it dust but understand that it’s the normal of girl child

Children will stop dropping out of school. This will be done through video show and showing how best they can they can keep clean

In Uganda male tend not to eat food prepared by girls during their menstruation cycle since they are believed to be duty but with these video children will learn the proper mechanism needed to be clean.

Activities involved

We shall have mobilization


public address

training of Girl guide

in same areas of the community hiring of grounds to show film

expected out put

The community will embrace children bod y changes.

Respect for girl child

Self Esteem Improved








just send email to paul te programs officer

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