$15.00 per hour

Hours per week

10 hours per week




District of Columbia
United States


The Optical Society (OSA) is recruiting for an Intern majoring in Economic or Business.

The position requires primary and secondary research and analysis regarding the size and trends of industry sectors and government funding. Primary research includes collecting information from financial reports of public corporations and government budget documents. Secondary research includes compiling press releases and other public information on market estimates by market research firms. The information will be gathered from online sources of information. It might also include some phone interviews, which may also require arranging and scheduling the calls. In addition, the primary and secondary data must be analyzed to identify trends and insights useful to the photonics industry. The position requires someone who can work independently; the researcher will be given regular direction from OSA staff, but the location and interpretation of most of the target data will not be known up front.


The position requires approximately 10 hours per week during academic session or 35 hours per week during summer session. The academic session shifts should be during afternoons to overlap best with an OSA staff person assigned to the project. OSA will provide a workspace and use of a computer for the project.


Undergraduate students pursuing a BA or BS in economics or business, or a related program.

Located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood, OSA offers a competitive salary. Please send resume, cover letter and 1-2 page writing sample to

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