Internship Opportunity

Job Type

Full Time




KN 5 Road
Kigali City



Position: General Manager, PMFL & APL

Position Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer

Start Date: October 1, 2018

Duration: 1 year contract commitment

Job Description: This project requires an individual with outstanding management and marketing skills who can accomplish the following:

  1. Analyzing micro-finance loan data and organizing into reports for senior management.
  2. Cross-checking and verifying proper financial management protocols are being followed.
  3. Holding staff accountable to company policy.
  4. Overseeing PHPI's program managers for partners Preferred Micro Finance Ltd. and Agricultural Processing Ltd. and a staff of 15 in daily operations.
  5. Oversee Agricultural Processing Ltd.(APL) funded by PMFL which will provide threshing and grading services close to the farmers. APL will purchase, process and transport the farmers maize to market.
  6. Provide oversight for setting up a test model project for threshing/grading, packaging, transporting, purchasing and marketing farmers maize crop.
  7. Working with crop buyers to secure a good selling price at the most ideal time.
  8. Analyzing all costs involved in the agricultural processing process from seed to harvest and selling to potential buyers.
  9. Assisting in the new applicant vetting process for new loan disbursements.
  10. Working alongside administrative staff to continue development of the funding web platform that PHPI uses to fund loans for small entrepreneurial groups and farmers.
  11. Strengths in as many of the skills listed below will be helpful in successfully completing the position's objectives. Please self-rate each of the following on a scale of 1-10 and be prepared to discuss these in detail during the interview should you be selected:
  • Accounting ___
  • Management skills ___
  • Verbal communication skills ___
  • Written communication skills ____
  • Marketing ___
  • Agricultural knowledge ___
  • Information Technology ___
  • Innovation/entrepreneurship ___
  • Problem solving with limited resources ___
  • Desire to help the poor by giving them a hand up instead of a handout ___


Shared vehicle use


Program expenses covered

Airtime and Internet provided

One return flight per year

Level of Language Proficiency

English as a first language preferred


Kinyarwanda (if applicable)

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Candidates should email a cover letter describing their interest and qualifications together with a current resume.