Board Member Vision of Hope Ministries

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Part Time



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Three Lakes
United States


Vision of Hope Ministries is a holistic ministry serving the people of northern Haiti, in and near Cap Haitian. We exist to serve both the physical and spiritual needs of the communities with which we collaborate. 

Our vision: 

To transform lives though the Gospel, empowering the next generation of Haitians with a high-quality education and a Christian world view to break the cycle of dependence and change Haiti for Christ and His Kingdom.”

Our mission

Provide accountability, resource planning and promotion for the work of our local pastors and lay workers in Haiti.  

The Organization

Our Sr. field missionary, Pastor Henoc Lucien, is a Dallas seminary graduate and an ordained EFCA pastor.  Henoc is a native of Haiti. VOHM is a Wisconsin C corp. with a 501c3 federal tax exemption.

We employ two full-time in country employees, Pastor Henoc Lucien and Patrick Franklin, our business manager.  We also employ a half time Administrative coordinator, Karen Patterson in Wisconsin.  VOHM annual budget is $325,000 and we oversee the in-country College Susan Schuenke K-12 budget of $175,000.  The VOHM board currently has 6 members.  


A man or woman who professes a saving faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

-demonstrated leadership and management qualities

-demonstrated proficiency in the administration of nonprofit Christian work overseas

-will visit and work in Haiti at least annually

-support the statement of faith of the EFCA while promoting the work as interdenominational

-proficiency in the use of standard office and development technology

-willing to meet in person and via conference automation several times annually 

- experience in fundraising desired

Job Description

-solicit and raise new support both material and financial for the work, this is a primary focus for this board member as the development manager

-provide spiritual oversight, accountability-both financial and material           

-provides leadership and management of human and material resources working in conjunction with the other board members

-plans and implements ministry objectives

- enthusiastically share and promote the vision and mission of Vision of Hope ministries

-will financially support the ministry

-will submit to and support majority decisions of the board


-this is a volunteer position (all board member positions in the ministry are voluntary except for Sr. Field missionary who is also a board member

-wiling to cover personal out of pocket expenses for travel and the work described 

Level of Language Proficiency

proficiency English

working knowledge Haitian creole desired

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

please review job description and email me to further discuss. This individual does not need to relocate and can live anywhere in the continental USA. Midwest or Northeast location would be desirable