Green Team Crew Leader

Job Type

Part Time Temporary


Minimum: $4,860.00
Details: Crew Leader will earn $18 an hour working 30 hours a week



Start Date:


Application Deadline:



11 Fairmount Ave
Suite 101
Hyde Park
United States


Program Description

SWBCDC’s Green Team is a youth jobs and environmental stewardship program which employs Hyde Park youth ages 15-18 to restore Hyde Park’s urban wilds, clean and beautify the business district and educate and engage residents in these efforts. Youth receive job readiness training and environmental education through workshops and field trips. They develop job readiness skills such as proper workplace conduct, team work and conflict resolution. They gain landscaping and trail-building skills; youth leadership and civic engagement skills; and knowledge of local ecology. The Team travels between work sites by bicycle, learning about road safety and basic bicycle maintenance. To learn more about the Green Team please visit our website:


Lead Crew Leader Job Description

Lead Crew Leader will train, work alongside and supervise Green Team youth as they:

·         Restore urban wilds by removing trash, yard waste and invasive species; pruning trees; planting environmentally appropriate trees and shrubs; building trails; and creating new trailheads;

·         Conduct community outreach to engage residents in restoration efforts.

·         Clean and beautify Hyde Park’s central business district and distribute anti-littering materials to business owners and residents;

·         Work with seniors to build a courtyard garden

Lead Crew Leader will also:

·         Participate in one week of Crew Leader training and orientation before youth begin.

·         Work with the Green Team Program Coordinator to plan and facilitate training on nutrition and hydration, safety in the woods, bicycle safety, team building and leadership, proper workplace conduct and constructive conflict resolution, resume-writing and interviewing.

·         Work with the Green Team Program Coordinator and volunteer trainers to plan and facilitate trainings in personal financial management and public service careers; and field trips related to environmental education including woodland and river ecology and urban farming.  

·         Plan and lead indoor environmental education activities on ‘rainy days’;

·         Participate in weekly meetings with the Program Coordinator and the SWBCDC Assistant Director.

·         Execute daily program schedule including work projects and educational activities.

·         Communicate effectively with organizations providing training and field trips, and coordinate travel logistics in advance of trips.

·         Provide positive direction and supervision while working alongside youth. Create a supportive work environment while giving enthusiastic and clear direction.

·         Explain and enforce code of conduct and safety rules.

·         Communicate with parents as necessary.

·         Meet regularly with Green Team Program Coordinator and SWBCDC Assistant Director to provide program updates, receive feedback and discuss challenges.

·         Conduct youth and program evaluations throughout the program

·         At the end of each day, make sure office is clean, supplies replenished, equipment repaired, attend to other administrative or discipline issues as they arise.

·         Conduct wrap-up activities as needed at the end of the program.




  1. Must be a City of Boston resident between the ages of 21 and 24.
  2. One or more years of experience working with and supervising youth
  3. Experience managing a team including planning and coordination, conflict resolution and enforcement of established disciplinary procedures
  4. Able to ride a bicycle and knowledge of safe bicycle riding practices
  5. Able to lift 25 pounds and work outside for extended periods of time
  6. Strong interest in gardening and woodland restoration
  7. Strong communication and organization skills
  8. Experience working in diverse communities


  1. First aid and/or CPR certification
  2. Bike maintenance and repair skills
  3. Multi-lingual capacity (Spanish or Haitian Creole)
  4. Experience in gardening, landscaping or trail maintenance 

Level of Language Proficiency

Ideal candidate would be bilingual in either Spanish or Haitian Creole.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please send resume and cover letter via email or mail to: Patricia Alvarez, SWBCDC Assistant Director,; 11 Fairmount Ave. Suite 101, Hyde Park, MA 02136; 617-364-7300 (o), 617-990-4498 (c).