High School Teacher Needed (Physical Education)

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Full Time


Details: Per UFT bargaining contract



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283 Adams Street
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The Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice, one of NYC’s best unscreened public high schools, is looking for dynamic ​teachers to join our team in September 2018. You will be part of an exciting law-themed school that prepares students, most of whom come from the city’s historically underserved communities, to graduate ready to succeed in college and effect change in society.

We are looking for strong, enthusiastic Physical Education teachers who are eager to collaborate with their colleagues to design engaging and vertically aligned assessments. An ideal candidate has experience working with students with disabilities. Interested candidates can send resumes and a cover letter to ​sljrecruitment@sljhs.org​. For information about our school, see ​www.sljhs.org​.

Required Qualifications:

● A current New York State Teaching Certificate

● Demonstrated ability to manage a high school classroom with effective strategies.

● Ability to implement coherent curriculum

● Ability to use a variety of instructional methods to engage and reach all students in heterogeneous classes.

● A strong commitment to teaching as an act of social justice.

● Commitment to supporting all students in accessing rigorous curriculum and meeting high standards.

● ​A belief that all children can master academically rigorous material, regardless of their backgrounds, their learning styles, or their academic history. An SLJ teacher believes his or her students can meet ambitious expectations

● Demonstrated ability to take critical feedback, take guidance, and respond to supervision.

● Belief that ongoing professional development is a critical component of an educator’s career.


● Create and implement curriculum and support students to meet course goals.

● Ensure that all students learn through the implementation of cohesive, accessible curriculum and continual refinement to meet the needs of students in meeting standards.

● Implement evidence-based pedagogy for the explicit instruction of physical fitness

● Serve as an advisor to a small group of students, fostering relationships that support social-emotional and academic growth and maintaining regular communication with families.

● Collaborate with planning partners to discuss student development, create modifications for various learning styles, and refine classroom strategies and protocols.

● Collaborate as a member of a grade team to create a cohesive experience for students.

● Create a classroom culture for learning that is both rigorous and positive, utilizing effective protocols and routines.


Per UFT bargaining contract

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply


Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to sljrecruitment@sljhs.org with your respective subject area in the subject line.