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SPOUTS of Water (SPOUTS) is looking for an energetic and driven Sales Manager to help grow our sales of ceramic water filters in Uganda. The Sales Manager will be committed to working with SPOUTS to bring safe water to Ugandans across a number of programs through his/her experience in expanding sales programs. A successful candidate will have experience in managing teams of sales people and be able to transfer their knowledge and skills to Uganda to build the program to achieve profitability and long-term sustainability. Ideally, our new Sales Manager will have experience working in developing countries and with a multi-cultural team. If that experience is as a result of living/working in the Ugandan or East African context, it would be an added advantage.

Here at SPOUTS we are passionate about providing access to clean and safe water in Uganda through the production and distribution of the “Purifaaya” ceramic water filter. The Purifaaya removes all germs and impurities without the need for boiling. It does not require electricity or chemicals, has virtually no maintenance, and lasts for two years. Once the unit has been paid for, there are no ongoing costs. It works equally well in rural villages and urban environments.

From very humble beginnings and our first sale in 2015, SPOUTS sold a total of 9,500 filters in 2017. In the first six months of 2018, we have already sold 7,500 filters and we are expecting robust sales in the second half of the year. Our products currently comprise two models of the Purifaaya; one designed for household use and a larger version intended for use in settings such as schools, health clinics and corporate offices.

As a social enterprise, we believe that doing well goes hand in hand with doing good. We are NOT a charity, and we are looking for people who can grow SPOUTS as a business first and foremost as the most sustainable way of maximizing impact. We’re not going to try to attract you with a generous salary package but we will give you fair compensation for the Ugandan context. We are looking for someone committed to the SPOUTS mission of providing clean water to Ugandans through filter sales. We can promise that you will be working with an amazing team of people striving for success. We can also guarantee that you’ll be making a difference by helping to prevent deaths and illness from water-borne diseases and freeing people up from the time needed to collect firewood and boil water. 

Level of Language Proficiency

Fluency in both spoken and written English

Proficiency in local (Ugandan) languages a plus

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Visit to download job description and background information, as well as filling out the application form. Any questions or further information can be directed to