Dean of Students

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Full Time




121 Avenue of the Americas
4th Floor
New York
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The Broome Street Academy Charter High School will prepare our young people for post-secondary success that leads to positive life outcomes. We value student strengths and will provide multiple pathways to success through a curriculum of rigorous academic, career and social instruction grounded in the principles of positive youth development. 

Broome Street Academy values:

  • The development of individual student strengths
  • Caregiver involvement
  • A learning environment that fosters mutual respect
  • A safe, supportive school climate
  • Standards based curriculum that is relevant
  • Student learning that is meaningful and goal oriented
  • Development of and respect for community partnerships
  • Healthy social and emotional relationships

The primary role of the Dean of Students is to support student learning and instruction in conjunction with the Dean’s team through the No Nonsense Nurturing, CHAMPION Model® and restorative practices at BSA. The Dean of Students will facilitate the continuous improvement of academic achievement by managing school discipline and focusing on improving student character insuring use of this restorative model of behavioral change. They will do this by helping both students, and their families to internalize and practice the school's mission and values. The Dean of Students will play an active role in monitoring and tracking students' compliance with the BSA Code of Conduct both inside and outside of the classroom. This person will support the faculty by taking initiative to support teachers as they address behavior problems empower students in positive engagement strategies and contribute to the learning experience in the classroom. The Dean of Students will handle all disciplinary matters, including tracking and managing school-wide consequences, detentions, suspensions, and parent interactions as they relate to discipline during and after school in collaboration with the Door. The ideal person has excellent interpersonal skills with students, families, and other colleagues. This person will create a positive, structured, and disciplined school culture for students.  


  • Model school expectations for students and staff
  • Supervise the consistent and fair administration and tracking of student conduct 
  • Enforce the BSA Student Code of Conduct 
  • Enforce the uniform policy
  • Implement and follow policies and procedures for behavior violations
  • Collaborate with the instructional leadership team on classroom/ behavior management techniques for teachers
  • Conduct mediations and other restorative justice initiatives 
  • Serve as a CHAMPION to a small group of students
  • Coordinate and conduct caregiver meetings 
  • Collaborate with the Door to maintain a safe community during and after school
  • Act as primary disciplinary communication link with students and families
  • Lead the supervision of arrival, lunch, and dismissal
  • Maintain accurate student discipline records through the use of Kickboard and Powerschool
  • Contribute to maintaining order while students transition in hallways 
  • Undertake administrative and instructional duties as assigned.
  • Ensure due process and legal compliance regarding student discipline actions
  • Collaborate with Deans Team on school-wide culture initiatives 
  • Other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the Administration.


  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred
  • Four or more years of experience as a teacher or Dean in an urban school
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with students, families, and teachers
  • Proficiency with Kickboard and Powerschool preferred
  • Bilingual (Spanish & English) preferred
  • Proven track record of mediating conflict situations
  • Relentless commitment to the academic success of all students
  • Stamina to handle long days and the intensity required to work in a high-performing charter school
  • A flexible thinker willing to do “whatever it takes” 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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