Co-Director: Organizational Development

Job Type

Full Time


Details: The annual salary for the position is $95,000 plus benefits.




United States


Our Mission

The mission of generative somatics is to grow transformative social and environmental justice movements. We do this by bringing somatic transformation to movement leaders, organizations, and alliances—using a holistic, practice- based approach to heal from trauma and internalized oppression, and powerfully align our actions with our values and our vision. We seek to build loving and rigorous movements that possess the creativity and power needed to transform society.

Our Vision

We envision an interdependent society organized around the safety, dignity, and belonging of all people. We will recognize ourselves as part of nature, and thrive within life-affirming institutions and norms free from structural oppression and intergenerational violence. Social and environmental justice movements will embody libratory power and form the foundation of a more just world.


Our History

gs grew out of a series of grounded experiments integrating somatics and social justice and trauma healing with a social and political analysis. These experiments included movement leaders, organizers and healers, and were across movement sectors. gs was founded in 2009, and, happily, resonated with a movement need for transformative leadership and organizing, and a desire for resilience and healing from trauma and oppression. We now have 8+ staff, 40+ people in gs Teacher Training, 50+ somatic practitioners in the gs practitioner’s network (gsPN), and thousands of movement folks who have participated in our trainings and movement partnerships. We offer embodied leadership and somatics and trauma courses across the country, and partner with movement organization and alliances in depth. Please read more about our 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities here -


Position Summary

generative somatics is looking for the Co-Director of Organization Development to partner with the Co-Director of Program and Strategy on long-term growth, sustainability and gs’ mission and programs. The Co-Director of Organizational Development contributes to the vision, politics and values of gs, and attends to integrating these into the organizational systems, operations, culture and finances. The ideal candidate will have proven ability in organization building. They will develop and lead foundation fund development, and manage overall fundraising, financial management and operations. The Co-Directors report to the gs Board.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Leadership and Management:

  1. Co-leads the implementation of gs’ strategic plan that focuses on current and future impact in the social and environmental justice movements.
  2. Develop and manage organizational development and growth to meet the expressed interest in gs’ work.
  3. Responsible for building a strong organizational culture that supports staff to do their best work while embodying gs standards.
  4. Integrates gs vision, politics and values into the organizational systems, operations, culture and finances.
  5. Supervise the Fund Development Director and the Finance and Operations Director and others, ensuring that all responsibilities are filled.
  6. Build strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations that help further gs’ mission and vision.
  7. Participate on the gs Board as lead staff with the Co-Director of Program and Strategy.

Fund Development and Communications:

  1. Build a successful foundation fundraising strategy for the organization.
  2. Cultivate strong connections with Program Officers at Foundations and major donors.
  3. Support the Fund Development Director in creating a robust fundraising strategy and annual fundraising plans for long-term sustainability.
  4. Ensure that fundraising plans are aligned to gs’ philosophical and political values and meets financial goals.

Finance and Administration:

  1. Oversee the development and implementation of administrative, financial and human resource policies and procedures that promote a vibrant and stable gs.
  2. Hold oversight and responsibility of finances and financial sustainability.
  3. Ensure that the organization is compliant with all legal requirements.
  4. Assess the development needs (including leadership and skills development, political development & culture building) of staff and address growth areas for each staff.
  5. Ensure the implementation and effective use of organizational systems.
  6. Ensure the implementation and high-leverage use of all technical systems.

Knowledge And Skills

We are looking for a candidate who has a strong background in social justice movements, proven experience in organizational development and growth, excels in foundation fundraising, has strong people and project management skills and in mission and values aligned.

●     Anchored in the social justice movements and guided by a deep commitment to values aligned with liberation and environmental sustainability. 

●     Experience with building successful organizations and ensuring their sustainability.

●     Ability to partner well, co-create and innovate with others, while also holding a unique area of accountability and leadership.

●     Ability to inspire staff and facilitate leadership development; skilled and committed to building strong teams; demonstrated experience as a strong supervisor, mentor, role model, coach.

●     Strong connections with regional and national foundations.

●     Proven skills to create and implement a successful foundation fundraising strategy.

●     Proven skills to build processes and systems that match current needs and can scale with an organization's growth.

●     Ability to predict and plan for growth. Ability to create technical, operational, financial and HR systems that are able to scale.

●     Proven ability to develop and participate in the culture building. This will be grounded in values and practices of gs’s mission and methodology.

●     5 years of management experience in building organizational systems and culture.

generative somatics seeks self-motivated candidates who are dedicated to social justice, highly organized, visionary and pragmatic, excel at problem solving, prioritize well and able to switch between detail-oriented work and relationship-based interaction.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please send your resume with a detailed cover letter describing your interest in the position and how your experience and skills are relevant to this leadership role. Resume and cover letter can be sent to . The position will remain open until filled. Our aim is to have the Co-Director start by October 1st, 2018.