Communications Director

Job Type

Full Time




Minimum: $50,000.00
Maximum: $80,000.00
Details: Salary dependent upon experience and knowledge.



Start Date:


Application Deadline:



New York
New York
United States


Position Overview

The Communications Director is a full-time position that is responsible for managing the communications of the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP). The Consortium is searching for an experienced and motivated communicator who is interested in working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment with wide ranging responsibilities and opportunities.

Essential Job Responsibilities

The primary functions of this position include, but are not limited to the following:

• Develop and implement a proactive media strategy for SHECP’s social, print and promotional media outlets

• Implement an effective website/social networking strategy, to include keeping the Consortium website and social media content current and relevant

• Create and maintain content for external communication to include e-blasts, quarterly reports, SHECP fact sheets etc. 

• Manage and strengthen external communications with local and national press

• Manage and strengthen external communications with grantees, donors, and other non-profits

• Develop and implement internal communications strategy for SHECP Faculty, Internship Coordinators, and Interns.

• Create and maintain data sheets, media reports/hits, and other items detailing the Poverty Studies and Poverty landscape 

• Evaluate and implement strategy to enhance storytelling for our Internship Programs. 

• Promote and secure media/communication opportunities for SHECP Programming and selected partners. 

• Ensure effective representation in publications to promote SHECP’s role.

• Maintain the history of SHECP, including relevant files, collateral material, boilerplate, and logos 

• Willingness to conduct travel when appropriate


Knowledge and education/experience

• Bachelor’s degree or significant training in communications or related field (e.g. Military Media Communications School)

• 5-10 Years in PR or communications

• Comprehensive knowledge of institutional policy and protocol

Skills and Abilities

• Strong organizational, public speaking and writing skills 

• Recent experience as a Communications principal 

• Recent knowledge of academia

• Social media management experience is a must

• Ability to create bespoke marketing materials for distribution 

• Online/social networking, website management experience

• Able to work effectively as part of a small, geographically dispersed team 

• Effective networker and experience in strengthening relations with media

• Proficient with all Microsoft Office/Adobe Creative Cloud Suite/Web Design Software

• Understanding of Salesforce is a plus

Work Schedule

• Flexible schedule required to meet the needs of the Consortium

• Work predominantly on a computer remotely

• Periodic travel to events is required. Travel to one of these sites may require the use of a car requiring a valid U.S. driver license.


Vacation time. Flexible Schedule. No insurance benefits this year.

Level of Language Proficiency

English - Proficient

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To apply candidates must send an email to Dr. Brett Morash with the following attachments in five individual PDF documents.

1. Cover letter written in a business block letter format, why you are the best fit for this unique organization.

2. Resume or CV tailored to this position.

3. A copy of a press release and any measurements on impact if available (e.g. Impressions, Views).

4. A copy of a one/two-page document that you developed designed to be used by development or program people.

5. Example of a regularly-cultivated long form communication platform (email blasts, newsletters, blogs, campaigns, etc.) With analytics if available.