Transportation Manager-South Sudan

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Full Time Contract



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South Sudan


Vehicle and Personnel Management

  • Directly supervise the Assistant Transport Manager (ATM) to ensure that:

a) All vehicles are being repaired in a timely and efficient manner according to transport guidelines. The Transport Manager should always have a copy of the vehicle condition sheet which outlines any repairs as well as the urgent spare parts sheet and should monitor the timely repair of vehicles and acquisition of spare parts.

b) Proper documentation of repairs is kept and reasons for damage are reported to Transport Manager.

c) Vehicle log books are kept and vehicle checklists are used.

d) Hub mechanics are properly trained, proactively repairing vehicles, and using proper documentation.

Please note that while it is the direct responsibility of the Assistant Transport Manager to conduct repairs, it is the responsibility of Transport Manager to ensure that all vehicles are repaired in a swift, timely manner.

  • Serve as the manager and coordinator of all transport staff. Specifically:

a) Track all driver and mechanic leave requests.

b) Ensure drivers are appropriately placed. Take actions to ensure all positions within the transport department are immediately and appropriately filled.

c) Stay abreast of driver / mechanic performance. Address all driver and mechanic performance issues immediately.

d) Evaluate and hire new drivers/mechanics.

e) Submit biannual driver evaluation to the DCR and recommend at least two (2) transport staff to be awarded bonuses.

  • Supervise and monitor The Carter Center vehicle fleet in all locations staffed by The Carter Center -supported staff and contractors by providing direct, day-to-day monitoring, management, and oversight of the aforementioned areas.

a) Ensure vehicle movement boards are kept up-to-date.

b) Work with Regional hubs and DCR to supervise regional vehicle / driver movement plans.

c) Stay abreast of field road locations and conditions.

  • Supervise the The Carter Center drivers to ensure the following:

a) Sub-offices submit all vehicle reports by the 15th of the following month.

b) Drivers are competent to operate The Carter Center’s vehicles.

c) Drivers are following transport policies.

d) Design and execute practical, hands-on training of transport officers and drivers on recognized vehicle repairs and driving principles as well as The Carter Center guidelines and procedures.

  • Ensure drivers are utilizing vehicle documentation tools according to guidelines, including:

a) Use of The Carter Center -approved daily checklists, vehicle log sheets, and vehicle reports.

b) All vehicles have an up-to-date logbook and take action to immediately replace any expiring logbooks.

c) All field vehicle maintenance requests are recorded prior to a driver/mechanic going on leave and a work plan is submitted to ensure vehicles are ready to return to the field when the driver returns from leave.

d) Documentation of accidents and any damage to the vehicle is submitted to the CR and DCR immediately for disciplinary action.

  1. Ensure that all The Carter Center transport staff follows The Carter Center code of conduct and transportation guidelines.
  2. Ensure all employees receive proper transport orientation upon initial employment and clear all transport related obligations upon departure from The Carter Center.
  3. Take care of all administrative actions for the transport department including writing warning letters and terminating staff.

Supply, Inventory, and Reporting

  • Keep up-to-date information on the state of each vehicle including any damage and needed repairs. Work with regional hubs to ensure timely repairs are made as needed to keep the fleet moving in an efficient manner.

a) With assistant Transport Manager ensure that there is always an up-to-date spreadsheet of any vehicle maintenance issues.

b) Communicate daily with regional transport managers to ensure up-to-date information on the state of vehicles.

c) Ensure hub repair logbooks are properly filled at the time of the repair.

  1. Recommend to the DCR ways to improve the accountability and performance of the The Carter Center’s vehicle fleet.
  2. Identify and communicate practical cost-savings measures to ensure fuel, oil, and spare parts are used judiciously.
  3. The Transport Manager is responsible for ensuring, accurate, up-to-date inventories. Specifically:

a) Ensure that hub spare parts stores are well maintained and have accurate, up-to-date inventories.

b) Through internal auditing procedures and monthly checks of 5 to 10 (five to ten) vehicles check used spare parts, tool inventories and repair documentation, ensure The Carter Center vehicles and vehicle parts/tools/fuel are being used in an honest and transparent fashion.

c) On a yearly basis, determine spare part needs for the upcoming year, place accurate orders for the year based on past use and projected needs and current stock. Give feedback and direction to the procurement officer on quotes, vendors, and parts. This feedback and direction should give the procurement officer the necessary information to proceed with purchases in an educated manner.

d) Orders for urgent spare parts and sourcing for these parts is the responsibility of the assistant Transport Manager. It is the Transport Manager’s responsibility to oversee this and ensure that these orders are placed accurately, in a timely manner, and followed through on. The Transport Manager should always have an updated copy of the assistant Transport Manager’s urgent spare part order status sheet.

e) Proactively place orders for any needed supplies that may not fall into the category of urgent spares, but are needed for the successful functioning of the transport department including: fuel, tools, etc.

  1. Liaise with UAP to ensure that all vehicle insurance is up-to date. Notify the DCR if the insurance for any vehicle lapses.
  2. Ensure all vehicles have an up-to-date logbook and notify the DCR of any expiring logbooks.
  3. Report the following to the DCR on a monthly basis:

a) Compile vehicle reports and submit the monthly vehicle report spreadsheet no later than the 20th of the following month to the DCR.

b) Transport staff issues and leave planning.

c) The Carter Center owned vehicles using the monthly transport spreadsheet.

d) Compile ATM’s report on pending vehicle repairs, generators/motorbikes, and codan issues.

e) The plan for moving the transport officers to the various locations to do the required repairs.

  1. On a quarterly basis, proved accurate, detailed fuel and vehicle spending reports for the CR and DCR Juba, Kapoeta, Rumbek and Nairobi regional offices.
  2. Inform the CR and DCR on all transport issues involving disputes.
  3. Dispose of all unusable, unneeded items in a timely, ethical, honest, and environmentally sound manner.
  4. Ensure an up-to-date used spare parts inventory.
  5. Formulate and submit to the DCR an accurate annual transport needs projection and prepare an annual transportation supply request for The Carter Center.
  6. Work cooperatively and harmoniously with government officials and The Carter Center colleagues to strengthen The Carter Center -supported programs in every way possible.
  7. Work daily with awareness that the Carter Center works solely in support of the SSGWEP and the governments of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan (RoSS). SSGWEP is under the leadership of a RoSS Director Ministry of Health, and we are guests of the government of the Republic of South Sudan.
  8. Represent The Carter Center with pride, integrity, professionalism, humility, respect for persons, and sensitivity to local culture and traditions. Be constantly aware that you represent an organization founded by a former President of the United States who believes in working aggressively and harmoniously to assist and strengthen the health service delivery.
  9. Ensure a safe, respectful, efficient, and effective transport team work place while building a sense of team by giving all staff the opportunity to grow professionally.
  10. Others duties as required and/or assigned by the DCR.


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Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply, please send CV and cover letter to . Subject line must include: Application Transportation Manager Position. All documents must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Materials in other formats or applications without required materials will not be considered. In the body of the e-mail, please indicate where you saw the job posting.

Only finalists will be contacted.