Prenatal Program Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $40,400
Maximum: $45,000



Start Date



60 Madison Avenue
5th Floor
New York
United States


POSITION SUMMARY: As part of a multi-disciplinary team is responsible for coordinating a wide range of clinical outreach and education relating to prenatal health, specifically breastfeeding, postpartum health, and reproductive health to improve health outcomes for pregnant persons, new parents, and their children.

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Essential Functions of our Prenatal Program Coordinators:

  • Support the Women’s Health Department in maintaining quality standards and services that are in accordance with the recommended clinical guidelines for prenatal and postpartum services.
  • Provide prenatal, postpartum, and infant care education to prenatal patients and people of childbearing age in the clinic setting.
  • Conduct and document prenatal and postpartum assessments, including but not limited to lactation assessments, safe sleep assessments, and postpartum depression screening.
  • Identify prenatal patients at CHN health centers and follow-up to ensure patients made the appointment and reschedule/follow up as needed.
  • Provide home visits, as needed for high-risk and non-compliant prenatal and postpartum patients up to 4 months postpartum to assess infant’s initial milestones and SIDS/safe sleep risk.
  • Coordinate prenatal and postpartum appointments for routine/follow-up care, delivery, and connect patients to specialty services, particularly nutritionists and behavioral health services and external referrals.
  • Track and monitor the collection process for weights of infants delivered by CHN prenatal patients, and coordinate follow-up efforts with the Women’s Health Manager.
  • Assist with data collection and analysis to measure prenatal care and birth outcomes.
  • Participate and record CHN’s internal Prenatal Committee meetings to identify and address areas for improvement in clinical services.
  • Collaborate with the Health Literacy Department to identify patient materials for prenatal, postpartum, infant care, and breastfeeding education that need to be updated and/or developed as needed, seeing the process to completion.
  • Complete any necessary reports and forms, and document patient services in the appropriate medical record.
  • Travel between health centers and balances schedule to provide education at multiple sites.
  • Plan and participate in special CHN events, such as World Breastfeeding Week.
  • Identify community resources for health education resources and/or services.


What You Will Gain:

• Dynamic & Supportive integrated team environment 

• Ability to be at forefront of integrated patient care 

• Excellent benefits and PTO package (as little as $10 - $40 per paycheck for excellent health   benefits, dental benefits free!) 

• 403b Retirement Fund

• Transportation benefits 

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish a plus.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree