External Relations Manager

Job Type

Full Time




Cloud Forest School
Costa Rica


The External Relations Manager will play a central role in the successful operation of the Cloud Forest School/Centro de Educacion Creativa (CFS/CEC). This is a high energy and creative position that will be instrumental to the development of the culture of excellence that we seek to uphold at the CFS. He/she will be an experienced, bilingual administrator who will work in partnership with the school director and CFS administrative team. The External Relations Manager will provide direction, oversight, and attention to the vision of the organization in the areas of:

General Administration

  • Frequently articulate and support the mission and goals of the school to students, teachers, parents, and the community.
  • Ensure that the mission statement is the standard against which decisions about the operation of the school are made.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with Director and all CFS faculty
  • Set and monitor short, medium, and long term goals in all areas of responsibility
  • Lead faculty meetings (as needed) in coordination with Director and other administrators
  • Serve as advisor to high school students interested in study abroad programs – identify students interests, study opportunities & funding; maintain existing and create new relationships with schools abroad; assist students with application and visa processes
  • Act as Co-Director when Director is not present
  • Ensure legal requirements of Costa Rica are met and upheld
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations of direct reports in conjunction with defined policies and procedures

Alumni, Family and Community Outreach:

  • Support the development of parent education programs
  • Be available to attend relevant community meetings as necessary
  • Coordinate school community communications

International Admissions and Enrollment

  • Develop and maintain positive relations with parents, prospective and current students
  • Develop, implement, and assess all admissions and orientation policies and procedures

Fundraising and Development

  • Work closely with Volunteer Coordinator to support and oversee fundraising events in conjunction with parent’s commission
  • Work with Board of Directors, parents, and local volunteers on development initiatives
  • Oversee the Sponsorship (“Patrocinio”)Program
  • Solicit new patrocinios yearly and track payments
  • Create and update a Patrocinio Database
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to provide Patrocinios with semesterly updates, check-ins, and a yearly contract.

International Partnerships: Interns, Visitors, and Volunteers

  • Oversight and supervision of Volunteer and Intern Coordinator
  • Maintain existing relationships with institutions abroad
  • Outreach to broad range of high schools, colleges, universities, and civic groups to cultivate interest in CEC programs
  • Coordinate all pre-arrival communication with all international visitors – interns, volunteers, study abroad students, international families and volunteer groups
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to arrange logistics for all international visitors
  • Support and assist Volunteer Coordinator with volunteer and visiting individuals and groups post-arrival
  • Facilitate collaboration with management team and school faculty to manage the flow of visitors to the school

New Staff Hiring and Orientation

  • Serve as an active member of the Hiring Committee
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to assist incoming new staff with logistical arrangements
  • In conjunction with the Management Team, develop and implement New Teacher Orientation materials and events

Special Programs and Events

  • Develop and oversee summer programming in partnership with the Volunteer and Interns Coordinator
  • Conduct community outreach to develop potential programming partnerships that support the mission of the school
  • Outreach to local, national and international groups, listserves, etc. to cultivate interest in summer programs

Website Oversight and Communications

  • Oversee continuous development of website
  • Head up & finish out re-branding campaign
  • Ensure timely and relevant updates in school publications – Charlando and regular E-Blasts
  • Provide articles, photographs, and materials for the Rainbow
  • Provide yearly reports for the Asamblea and the Cloud Forest School Foundation

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

If the Cloud Forest School mission speaks to you, please send a resume and cover letter to cloudforestschoolop@gmail.com