Visitor and Volunteer Coordinator NGO - Guatemala

Job Type

Full Time






Job Summary

EFTC is seeking a bilingual, proactive and forward thinking Visitor & Volunteer Coordinator with excellent organization skills to coordinate and enhance our ongoing Visitor & Volunteer program at the School of Hope in Jocotenango, Sacatepéquez. The ideal candidate will be able to work in a fast paced collaborative environment, while also being able to independently maintain the Visitor and Volunteer program.

Job Description

The Visitor & Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for overall development and coordination of the program and report directly to the Foundation Resource Manager in Guatemala. The Coordinator will work closely with the Outreach Team on a regular basis but have overall responsibility for ensuring that that all visitors and volunteers at the School of Hope have an optimum experience in Guatemala.

Key Responsibilities & Duties

The Visitor & Volunteer Coordinator's key responsibilities, as follows, are non-exhaustive and additional duties may be required and assigned.

Key Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Be a reliable point of contact for potential visitors and volunteers that are interested in visiting or volunteering at the project, providing them with the necessary information regarding EFTC, their time at the project and in Guatemala.
  • Provide all necessary information, documents and guidelines for people that confirm they wish to visit or volunteer at the School of Hope and coordinate their placement.
  • Organize and coordinate any necessary logistical or accommodation arrangements for confirmed visitors & volunteers as well as volunteer groups.
  • Promote the School of Hope as a potential place to visit or volunteer at and attract future visitors/volunteers, when possible, both locally and internationally.
  • Provide a comprehensive induction and orientation for all visitors and volunteers to the School of Hope, EFTC and Guatemala, upon arrival.
  • Ensure that all Visitor & Volunteer Literature/Packs are up to date and contain all relevant information.
  • Provide tours, when requested, for visitors, donors, individuals or groups visiting the School of Hope.
  • Host regular meetings on a weekly basis with volunteers.
  • Host regular meetings with teachers and staff to develop skills on how to work with volunteers and the importance of visitors and volunteers for EFTC.
  • Maintain fluid communication and provide ongoing support for visitors and volunteers throughout their stay to ensure that they are having a productive and enjoyable experience.
  • Ensure that all teachers comply with the guidelines for working with Volunteers and Visitors and carry out any necessary tasks.
  • Ensure that all Visitors & Volunteers comply with the EFTC/School of Hope Code of Conduct and communicate immediately any concerns to Inline Manager or Foundation Coordinator.
  • Maintain engagement from former visitors and volunteers.
  • Maintain clear and concise records of all visitors and progress of the Visitor & Volunteer Program.
  • Attend regular meetings with Inline Manager and Outreach Team to provide regular reports highlighting the program’s activities, progress and impact as agreed on with inline manager.
  • Promote involvement with EFTC to Visitors and Volunteers post placement.
  • Coordinate and attend local fundraising events with the Outreach Team to raise awareness and promote EFTC’s work.
  • Attend and participate in meetings with the EFTC Education or Outreach team, when necessary or requested.

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish and English - working bilingual fluency

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Send your CV and a cover letter detailing your interest in the position and send it to: AND