Assistant Site Director

Job Type

Part Time


Minimum: $35,000
Maximum: $40,000
Details: Health Insurance, STD, LTD, Vacation, Personal Time, and 403B



Start Date


Application Deadline



4 Milita Drive
Suite 12
United States


Lextended Day recognizes that every position is valuable and essential to the well-being of the children and success of the program. Employees are expected to support and follow through on the organizations policies and procedures and to work collaboratively with the Executive Director and colleagues at all Sites.

Professional Expectations

  • Be familiar with the program’s policies and operation.
  • Facilitate operation of site.
  • Keep up to date in the field of education and school-age child care. Participate in 20 hours of training per year.
  • Maintain certification in basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Attend monthly all site meetings to share ideas and concerns.
  • Attend program trainings, functions and family events.
  • Minimum 4-year degree
  • Minimum 2 years managerial experience

Staff Supervision

  • Assist Site Director with staff orientation program and orientation for new employees.
  • Assist the Site Director in the evaluation of staff.
  • Conduct staff observations with Site Director.
  • Conduct staff meetings. Review agenda with Site Director.
  • Assist Site Director in maintaining staff files.

Care of Children

  • Be familiar with the individual needs or disabilities of enrollees. Bring to the attention of the Site Director any concerns you might have about the physical, emotional or social development or adjustment of individual enrollees.
  • Review all children’s files and note allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • Maintain consistency for all children by adhering to established policies.
  • Supervise daily attendance and follow procedures for unreported absences.
  • Be responsible for the release of students to appropriate parent or authorized individual.
  • Keep account of each child’s schedule. Report any errors in attendance lists to the Site Director immediately.
  • Manage distribution of snack (being mindful of allergies) and snack time supervision.
  • Assist as needed with outdoor supervision, and when necessary, assign staff to specific positions on the playground.
  • Assist as needed in the supervision of children during indoor/outdoor activities. Assign staff to positions as needed.
  • Be familiar with the organization’s health and emergency policies and treat sick or injured children as indicated. File medication logs, first aid treatment and accident/incident reports in children’s files. Report all injuries to the Site Director. In the absence of the Site Director, report injuries that require medical attention to the Executive Director immediately and to E.E.C. within three days.
  • E-mail reminders to parents.
  • Be responsible for annual progress letters or delegate this duty to appropriate staff member.
  • Be responsible for log of children’s on site medications, EPI pens and inhalers – and insure that parents are contacted when medications need to be refilled or delegate to qualified staff member.
  • Make all announcements to kids throughout afternoon: handwashing, run through of daily activities, clean up, snack, etc.


  • With Site Director compose monthly newsletter for parents.
  • Order and/or purchase supplies and snacks as needed.
  • Manage tooth brushing on long days
  • Manage annual registration
  • With staff and Site Director plan special events, functions and field trips.
  • Assist Site Director with database entry.
  • Other tasks as assigned by Site Director.

Physical Demands

·      Ability to continuously and actively monitor the children

·      Ability to bend, squat, and climbs stairs

·      Ability to lift up to 25 pounds occasionally 


Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, STD, LTD, Vacation, Personal Time, and 403B.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please submit your resume via this advertisement.