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Full Time


Minimum: $16,000
Maximum: $18,000




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Are you interested in gaining professional experience while effecting positive change at the local level? If so, CivicSpark, a Governor's Initiative AmeriCorps program, is right for you! CivicSpark is dedicated to building capacity for local governments to address community resilience issues such as climate, water, and access to opportunities. During the 2018-19 service year, 90 CivicSpark Fellows will support over 100 cities, schools, and other public agencies to implement local sustainability projects on topics including sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, climate action planning, water conservation and drought response, and affordable housing, among others. Fellows gain exceptional career experience, training to become future leaders in California's response to community resilience issues.

We are specifically looking for a Fellow to work with the City of Oxnard on their Local Coastal Program Update project. 

The City of Oxnard, Planning Division is currently being assisted by Rincon Consultants to undertake the comprehensive update of the Local Coastal Plan (LCP). The CivicSpark Fellowship will coincide with the completion of the final draft of the Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Fiscal Impact and Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy Reports. Review of the final drafts of the Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Fiscal Impact and Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy Reports will update the Fellow on the work completed to date and provide background information which will be necessary for the development of the Implementation Plan (Coastal Zoning Ordinance) and subsequent tasks. Based on the results of the assessments, the Fellow will work with City staff and project consultant to coordinate public outreach meetings. Additionally, the Fellow will engage in research regarding potential sea level rise adaptation strategies, assist in developing and updating policies to the Lad Use Plan, and Implementation Plan. Staff is currently working on a revised public outreach plan that will potentially increase the number of public meetings to engage the public and stakeholders in the LCP update process. The Fellow will have an opportunity to assist in the development of a public outreach plan, provide technical assistance in analyzing the results of the assessment reports, and provide input in the content used in the public presentations.

The Fellow, in the role of a planner, will gather and respond to comments from the public, other agencies, and various organizations. The City's principal planner is the project manager for the LCP and would supervise and mentor the Fellow in coastal land use planning, public engagement, and interfacing with outside agencies through the LCP's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Additionally, the principal planner will provide mentorship to the Fellow in analyzing and preparing coastal land use policies and regulations. The Fellow will also have an opportunity to interface with the technical support team assisting the City in the assessment and preparation of seal level rise policies. The Fellow will also gather and summarize information from examples of local and state-wide adaptation strategies, land use policies and implementation regulations. The Fellow will provide recommendations on which strategies, policies and regulations are best suited to the specific conditions, development patterns, and resources of the City's coastal zone. The Fellow will be able to participate in the anticipated public workshops with the City's decision makers.

The ideal Fellow will possess a strong ability to synthesize and summarize complex information for the public and decision makers. The City of Oxnard seeks a fellow who is skilled in research methods, public engagement, and the design of graphically rich work-products. The Fellow should have good communication and interpersonal skills, as the Fellow will participate in regional efforts to ensure that the City's Local Coastal Plan is consistent with other plans as much as it is feasible. The Fellow is also anticipated to provide assistance to facilitate public workshops and prepare and revise the regulatory amendments based on decision-maker input.

If you are interested, please visit to learn more and apply.


Applicants must be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien of the U.S., and must complete Department of Justice (DOJ), State, and NSOPR background checks prior to service. Applicants must also have:

  • A 4-year undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s) from an accredited college or university.
  • Climate Fellows: A degree in an environmentally related field and one year of relevant experience is preferred.
  • Water Fellows: A background knowledge of water policy, water management, or water-related sciences (coursework or project/professional experience) is preferred.
  • Opportunity Access Fellows: Experience with equity, affordable housing, or rural broadband policies and practices is preferred.
  • Strong communication (both verbal and written) and teamwork skills; some experience with outreach, facilitation, and/or grassroots organizing is preferred.
  • The capability to work in a professional office setting up to 40 hours a week.
  • Commitment to the full term of service (11 months).

This is an equal opportunity position and we prefer to place a candidate who already lives in the community being served.


AmeriCorps was created to address community needs through service. AmeriCorps members have the opportunity to make an impact in their community while gaining valuable career and life experience. In exchange for their service, each Fellow receives the following benefits:

  • A living allowance of approximately $16,000+ (before taxes) spread evenly over 11 months
  • Segal Education Award of $5,920 at the completion of service
  • Forbearance on existing qualifying student loans and payment of interest accrued during service
  • SNAP (CalFresh/Food Stamps) benefits to those who qualify
  • Health insurance
  • Childcare assistance to qualifying Fellows, paid to an eligible provider of your choice
  • Significant professional development training
  • Network development with regional and statewide contacts in the sustainability field
  • Valuable experience in the sustainability field and the local government sector
  • Connection to a network of hundreds of CivicSpark alumni and hundreds of thousands of AmeriCorps Alums

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Apply for the CivicSpark Fellowship online at Applications submitted will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Please do not send any resumes or cover letters via email; we will only accept applications submitted via our website.