Residential Services Manager

Job Type

Full Time




United States


Oversee operations of North County domestic violence residential programs, Hidden Valley House and Next Step North. Recruit, hire, train, supervise and schedule staff and volunteers for the programs. Implement best-practice service standards, conduct ongoing quality assurance checks, and establish and maintain strong, mutually beneficial relationships with community partners. Ensure compliance with agency and contract requirements and produce required reports.

Essential Job Functions:

1.      Program Quality Assurance: Ensure that 24 hours, 7 days per week North County domestic violence residential services for domestic violence and sexual assault are provided and documented according to agency and contract protocols, policies, and standards.

·        Schedule staff to ensure seamless 24-hour trauma-informed service provision. Provide back-up coverage when full-time or relief staff is not available. 

·        Ensure staff and volunteers establish and maintain crisis counselor status per California Evidence Code by completing the 60-hour Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Training and ongoing trainings.

·        Ensure that residential staff effectively implements agency protocols and policies related to client confidentiality.

·        Participate in North County internal high risk team meetings representing residential programs.

·        Under the leadership of the Housing and Advocacy Services Director, fully participate in department research and development efforts to identify relevant evidence-based practices; oversee and provide staff training in select practices, and ensure quality of services.

·        Ensure accurate documentation of services in accordance with CCS and grant requirements. Provide staff with ongoing training on documentation procedures, forms, and applicable electronic data management system to ensure thorough and accurate documentation of services.

·        Conduct regular internal file reviews and implement quality assurance measures as needed to ensure quality service delivery to clients. Develop and implement ongoing client satisfaction surveys.

·        Maintain an atmosphere of safety, support, and trauma stewardship for staff and clients.

·        Work to eliminate barriers to service, particularly for survivors from historically oppressed communities. Document work efforts to develop more effective ways to reach and serve minority/underserved populations.

·        Share after-hours on-call duties on a rotating basis with other management staff.


2.      Program Management and Staff Development

·        Hire, train, supervise, and evaluate all shelter/hotline staff, including: Family Advocates, Residential Assistants/ Hotline Counselors, and Relief RA/HC (overnight and weekend).

·        Provide ongoing training and supervision to ensure residential staff effectively provides screenings, intakes, comprehensive client services, advocacy, education and support to survivors of domestic violence and their children.


·        Provide ongoing training and supervision of residential/hotline staff to ensure the provision of effective crisis interventions, including crisis counseling, safety planning, information and referrals, and facilitation of client- centered problem-solving.

·        Conduct and document one-on-one supervision of direct reporting staff to assess and improve work performance, and identify training needs and professional development goals.

·        Foster teamwork and cooperation among direct reports as well as with CCS and community-based services, welcoming staff innovation.

·        Ensure clients have their confidentiality protected. Obtain written consents from clients to release confidential information when coordinating service for families with other entities.


3.      Administration

·        Actively participate in regular supervision and agency and departmental meetings.

·        Ensure contact with clients and hotline callers is accurately and thoroughly documented in a timely manner through Efforts to Outcomes (ETO), the agency database program for client services. 

·        Compile and analyze statistics for applicable client interactions. Produce required monthly, quarterly, and annual reports in timely manner. Offer input to required grant reports as needed.

·        Maintain the highest levels of accuracy in record-keeping and reporting, ensuring that all client files and documentation are complete and up-to-date and submitted to supervisor as directed.

·        Coordinate staff submission of timekeeping records to meet agency standards and deadlines.

·        Conduct regular inspections of the shelter facility, schedule any necessary repairs/maintenance and communicate all facility issues to the appropriate parties, whether landlord, CCS leadership, or other entity.

·        Manage proper use and record keeping of all petty cash, gift cards and in-kind donations for North residential programs.

·        Oversee inventory and supply replenishment process for all shelter supplies.

·        Oversee the process of updating the referral manual as a multi-cultural, county-wide resource for use by CCS staff and volunteers.

·        Ensure compliance with all service contracts and CCS policies and procedures.

·        Update and maintain procedures manual specific to shelter/hotline protocols.

·        Attend trainings as needed for grant compliance and/or program development.

·        Gather statistical information and complete written reports in compliance with funding requirements.

·        Maintain an up-to-date shared business calendar as directed.

·        Accurately document time worked using designated timekeeping systems. Submit timesheets and personnel paperwork (e.g., check requisitions) according to agency standards and due dates.


4.      Community Relations/Collaboration and Teamwork

·        Maintain a working knowledge of domestic violence and sexual assault/abuse providers in San Diego County. Foster and maintain constructive working relationships with key community members.

·        Provide training to paid staff, volunteers, and community partners on sexual assault, domestic violence, and other related issues.

·        Assist in establishing and maintaining positive relationships with organizations and agencies to raise awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence, promote CCS services, and build a referral base for therapeutic services in areas that are beyond CCS’ scope or expertise.

·        Develop and nurture relationships in the community that will help residential/hotline services better meet client needs, such as through food, clothing, furnishing and services.

·        Actively participate in HVH Auxiliary meetings; develop and maintain a strong relationship with Auxiliary members to aid in the support of the shelter.

·        Attend the Shelter and Support Services Committee (SSSC), North County Domestic Violence Council meetings, and other community meetings as required.

·        Educate community members and professionals about domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, and CCS’ services and assist community agencies and organizations in creating domestic violence and sexual assault/abuse response protocols as directed.

·        Attend and actively participate in multiple monthly multidisciplinary collaborative meetings as assigned.

·        Maintain positive working relationships with services that provide culturally competent services to a variety of different populations and language needs, including American Sign Language.


Secondary Responsibilities:

·        Recruit, train, supervise, schedule and evaluate volunteers and interns for shelter/hotline programs, as needed.

·        Carry out other duties as necessary to ensure program and organizational success.

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish preferred

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to Jenna Jones at