Community Liaison Consultant: Anacostia Park Project

Job Type

Full Time Contract




District of Columbia
United States


Project Overview:

The National Park Service (NPS) and the National Park Foundation (NPF) will jointly manage a Community Liaison consultant to work at Anacostia Park. The consultant will report directly to the park superintendent and will benefit from the support of NPF staff, under the supervision of the Senior Vice President of Community Partnerships. The community liaison will operate from a NPS office in Washington, DC for one year. Contract renewable annually for up to three years, based on performance.

The consultant accountabilities will include: advising the park superintendent and management team on activities and engagement opportunities relevant to Anacostia Park; collaborating with other NPS staff to ensure that community engagement efforts are consistent with NPS policy; aligning shared goals; contributing to Anacostia Park communication efforts; providing NPS support to engage Anacostia community networks; and managing Anacostia partnerships.

Statement of Work:

The Anacostia Park Community Liaison consultant will develop strategies and find commonalities to strengthen Anacostia Park’s external relationships as a critical part of the broader work to strengthen the park’s engagement in and with the surrounding community. This includes acting to improve the relevancy of Anacostia Park among new and diverse populations and align with community-driven goals and visions that relate to the NPS mission using resourcefulness and innovation with few precedents to guide action.

The Liaison will grow NPS’ capacity to engage Anacostia Park with the broader Anacostia community and accomplish the following goals with potential partner organizations:

• Find a common agenda

• Develop measurable objectives

• Develop mutually reinforcing activities with communities and partners

• Maintain continuous communication with NPS, NPF, and community partners

• Seek out and identify potential partners for programmatic engagement

• Organize partnership meetings and make them learning experiences for all

• Serve as the direct facilitator between the agency and the partners to help identify the interdependencies between their work and others

• Set and celebrate interim markers of progress

• Help to build a culture of collective impact among Washington, D.C.’s NPS units, programs, and resources, and aligning NPS efforts with those of the surrounding community.


• Build alliances and engaging with local government, NGOs, educational institutions, and prospective funders to identify and achieve shared goals and to help Anacostia Park build new connections within the community and identify strategic alignment.

• Work with park staff to develop annual Anacostia Park community engagement action plan

• Facilitating new partnerships and drafting grants for organizations such as the Land and Water Conservation Fund, Outdoor Recreation, historic preservation, and health and wellness groups. Participate in the park's budget process by calculating costs for community engagement goals.

• Lead strategic outreach efforts to connect new and diverse audiences on behalf of the Anacostia Park, particularly in Wards 7 and 8, to demonstrate the NPS' relevance to all Americans. Efforts could include, but not be limited to:

o Evaluating current community engagement efforts

o Developing compelling and creative ways to demonstrate the effectiveness of community engagement

o Recommending and implementing engagement strategies

o Sharing the results with the community and other NPS units

o Communicating Anacostia Park messaging to cultivate new park stewards and advocates throughout the community via social and traditional media and direct engagement

o Working with Anacostia Park and partners to plan, organize, and implement special events (or enhance existing events) to encourage broader community engagement

o Working with park staff to develop and implement strategic public relations and communications plans, including the use of both social and traditional media

Proven Competencies:

• General working knowledge of policy associated with federal land management. This must be supplemented with a familiarity with related partnership programs (e.g., National Register and National Historic Landmarks Program, Trails and Conservation Assistance, Land and Water Conservation Fund, urban economic development and preservation district management strategies, etc.) sufficient to collaborate with other NPS programs and partners.

• General working knowledge of Anacostia Park’s resources and ability to communicate park updates with broad community of partners, including government and NGO representatives.

• Demonstrated skill in implementing partnership principles and practices (e.g., development of partnership agreements, facilitation, negotiation, collaboration, etc.) and experience in applying such practice to partnership with federal agencies and the broader community.

• Ability to manage a workload that is robust and fluid, as well as communicate with staff at all levels of the NPS and NPF, partner organizations, and the public at large.

• Demonstrate ability and creativity to solve complex problems/challenges and implement innovative strategies to address non-traditional projects and initiatives.

• Strong verbal and written communication skills. Strong ability and comfort in speaking before audiences large and small. Strong writing skills and demonstrated experience in writing press releases, articles, and other written material that advocate for park resources and values.

• Strong cultural competence, knowledge of cross-cultural values, and ability to address diverse cultural values in park planning and programming.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Madeleine Bien, Manager of Community Partnerships, National Park Foundation at referencing the position of interest in the subject line of the email.