Lead Educator (Our Riverside Teen Program)

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Part Time Temporary


Details: Commensurate with experience



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5 Callender Street
United States


Located in the Coast neighborhood of Cambridge, between Central Square and Memorial Drive, the Cambridge Community Center has been serving the community for over 89 years. Today our mission is to promote community cooperation and unity and empower youth, individuals, and families. We do this by offering social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities.

About Our Riverside: Our Riverside is a community history and design program at the Cambridge Community Center, a neighborhood institution with a significant archival collection and a nearly 100 year history of particularly serving and supporting black and African American residents of the neighborhood and the city at large. Our Riverside exists to do two things: first, tokeep control of the narrative of the Riverside neighborhood with the citizens of the Riverside neighborhood, and second,to develop historical understanding and communication skillsfor youth and adults, students and families and elders. By conducting interviews, collecting found objects, and interpreting their findings, students consider questions about race and class, community identity, environmental change, public space, homelessness, gentrification, and more.

In summer 2018, the youth will be focusing on the year 1968, and what was going on at the Center, the neighborhood, and Cambridge as a whole - with field trips, primary source research from the CCC archives and other local repositories, explorations of pop culture, and interviews with elders who were in Cambridge at the time.

Job Overview: The ideal candidate for this position is a motivated, reliable individual who is able to engage with teens on a personal level and who cares deeply about our community. This person will possess personality traits and skills such as empathy, strong boundary setting, creative thinking, clear communication, spirited initiative and careful listening. This person will also demonstrate a collaborative spirit and a willingness to experiment, reflect, and develop a culture of feedback among students.

Job Expectations: The Educator is responsible for delivering the curriculum to the students enrolled in the program.

Specific Duties:

  • Lead all youth workshops
  • Supervise students in the program
  • Uphold program guidelines and expectations of the program
  • Uphold facility-wide rules of the Cambridge Community Center
  • Interact and coordinate schedule with CCC staff
  • Coordinate public events in conjunction with youth workshops
  • Involvement with curriculum and program development based on your own interests and skills
  • 20+ hours per week, including prep time

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please email your resume and cover letter to Program Director Diana Lempel, at Diana@practice-space.com.