Provision of expertise for justice in conflict and transition: Technical Adviser Justice Support

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Description of post: The technical adviser in justice support will undertake assignments requested by the contracting authority, from preparation of the assignment to implementation and reporting. S/he will liaise and report to the Contracting Authority, including via the Team Leader/Project Manager on a regular basis on the activities and will facilitate a fruitful and open dialogue between all the stakeholders involved (such as national authorities, regional/international organisations, civil society organisations, EU actors), in a conflict-sensitive manner. It is foreseen that most of her/his work-time will be in-country where the assignments take place, for short (several days to weeks) to mid-term (several months) assignments. Her/his work-time will be spent between the „operational base“ in Brussels (place of posting) and assignments. The indicative number of assignments outside the operational base (place of posting) undertaken by the Expert shall be between four to eight per year.

Qualifications: Qualifications and skills

-Master’s Degree or equivalent diploma in Public Administration, Political and/or Social Sciences, Law, International Relations or other relevant discipline;

-Excellent oral communication and drafting skills in English and French.General professional experience

-A minimum of 7 years post-graduate experience in the areas of conflict response and justice (including on research and analysis, programming, capacity building, technical assistance);

-A minimum of 3 years of field work experience in developing and/or fragile countries5, including interacting with international, regional and with civil society organisations;

-A minimum of 2 years of experience in working with (or in cooperation with) EU institutions, will be considered an asset, in particular on justice related processes.Specific professional experience

-At least 5 years of experience working in different areas of transitional justice (including, constitution-making; restoration of justice for the population; transitional justice processes; community-based transitional justice processes) in conflict, transition and post-conflict contexts, gained in at least 2 projects;

-At least 4 years of experience in programming and capacity building in the field of transitional justice gained in at least 2 projects will be considered an asset.All experts must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on.

Duration: 330 day(s)

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Level of Language Proficiency

Excellent oral communication and drafting skills in English and French

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Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

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