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Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY)
santa cruz, Bolivia
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Are you looking for a jungle change? We are looking to fill the role of administrator at one of our wildlife sanctuaries with imminent start dates. Below is a description of this position and details of how you can apply.

This position would suit a person looking for a career in non-profit management. The work is dynamic and not a typical 9 to 5 one may be used to.

Organization Overview

Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY) is a Bolivian NGO that, with the help of volunteers from around the world, works with wildlife and is a leader in increasing public awareness of the environment and its importance in its country. CIWY maintains three Wildlife Sanctuaries: Machia, Ambue Ari and Jacj Cuisi, where it cares for injured or mistreated animals.

Founded in 1992, CIWY has improved the lives of thousands of animals in Bolivia and held campaigns and educational programs in all the country’s major cities. The main office is located in Villa Tunari, in the Department of Cochabamba. It has an annual budget of $360,000 and a current staff of 20 people, Bolivian and foreign alike. Most funding comes from volunteers, current and past, with the rest being made up of grants and support from organizations such as Friends of Inti Wara Yassi, Quest Overseas, The Monkey Sanctuary and One Voice.

We are currently looking to rapidly expand operations in order to care for an ever-increasing population of wildlife in need and to increase and improve our educational programs. The organization has been featured in the New York Times and on the BBC, and has the support of the Jane Goodall Institute and The Monkey Sanctuary in England.

Job Overview

The Sanctuary Administrator is responsible for managing and supervising the financial management and administrative processes that support CIWY’s operations. The Sanctuary Administrator reports to the President of CIWY and supervises the sanctuary’s permanent staff members. He or she also works closely with the administrators in other parks and staff to improve volunteer numbers and financial sustainability of the organization.

We are looking for someone willing to help in multiple areas that at times may not seem to fit the assigned role. Since we are a small NGO, we sometimes work unconventional to simplify the work and make improvements within the organization. The work is dynamic and not a typical 9 to 5 one may be used to.

You will be based at one of our three parks, however travel to the other parks is required occasionally.


In this role you will:

• Manage the budgeting, financial forecasting, and cash flow for the park.

• Perform data analysis to help budget and marketing.

• Plan and develop projects and activities in accordance with the organizations mission, goals and values.

• Look for ways to increase revenue and at times collaborate with a British organization that assists us in raising funds.

• Represent CIWY in local community meetings and maintain effective communication with local communities, authorities and relevant stakeholders

• Maintain effective and regular communication with other parks and the CIWY President.

• Prepare monthly and annual reports on the finances and overall management and progress of the park.

• Charge the package that volunteers should pay upon arrival, which corresponds to their stay at the Sanctuary.

• Oversee employee contracts and pay and evaluate performance.

• Provide support to permanent staff in their activities and responsibilities.

• Ensure work is performed in a timely manner and in accordance with CIWY’s policies and procedures.

• Ensure monthly reports of coordinators are provided to the Director or President.

• Ensure staff and volunteers follow the sanctuary rules.

• Develop, review, and uphold internal policies and procedures related to both personnel and volunteers.

• Translate meetings, announcements and talks for the volunteers

• Write and translate documents (Spanish and English).

• Prepare quarterly submission for CIWY’s newsletter.

• Publish regular updates on the CIWY’s social media pages.

• Purchasing of construction material and food supplies.

• Design and implement the sale of souvenirs.

• Control the living conditions of the staff and volunteer accommodation.

• Be willing to help care for wild animals should the number of volunteers become very low.

• Depending on the sanctuary, you will also manage the volunteers, including their registration and induction, the assignment of their work area and introduction to that area.


We will want you to meet the following requirements:

• Either possess a bachelor’s degree in a related study OR have at least relevant experience in management or a related field.

• Be proficient with Word and Excel and generally very comfortable with computers.

• Be proficient in Spanish and English, both verbal and written.

• Be comfortable and competent at managing people in challenging conditions.

• Be innovative and eager to make improvements within the organization.

• Possess superior written and verbal communication.

• Maintain good organizational skills and willing to work in an international team.

• Tolerance and adaptability to work under pressure and in a sometimes chaotic environment.

• Be patient and be able to structure well the daily work.

• Economize even in situations of scarce resources.

• Decisiveness under pressure.

• Capacity to manage, communicate and work with individuals of different ages and cultures.

• Adapt to and respect the Bolivian culture and laws.

• Current international drivers licence (or ability to obtain one).


CIWY’s three Centres are located in remote areas of Bolivia and the standard of facilities varies. You will be living alongside a community of Bolivian and international staff and volunteers, all of whom work exceptionally hard on a day-to-day basis. You must be patient, adaptable and prepared to deal with difficult and often physically demanding conditions.


At Ambue Ari you will sleep in a shared room with bunk beds. We provide sheets, a pillow, a mosquito net and blankets or sleeping bag (depending on availability). We recommend you bring a sleeping bag or a blanket in the dry season (from April to October), as it can get quite cold at night.

The sanctuary has electricity in the kitchen, office, and clinic. Refrigerators and a charging station are available for volunteers several days a week. In almost all the territory of the sanctuary there is enough telephone coverage to make calls and there is also some mobile internet signal (enough to send and receive WhatsApps, but insufficient to make video calls). The only company that offers coverage is Entel (the SIM card costs 10 Bs). There is filtered drinking water from a well. The showers are not heated and the toilets are ecological and dry.

Time Commitment

The Administrator must commit to a one-year contract. The days start at around 7am until 5-6pm every day, with one hour for breakfast and another for lunch. You will have one day off per week and 1 week off every 6 months.


CIWY is transitioning from an all-volunteer organization to one which compensates its employees financially. Funds are still unavailable to pay competitive wages, but the organization offers a salary of 1000 Bs. per month (approximately $150 USD), as well as meals (the meals included at each sanctuary varies) and accommodation.

Are you looking for a jungle change? We are looking to fill the role of administrator at one of our wildlife sanctuaries with imminent start dates. Below is a description of this position and details of how you can apply.

This position would…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
  • Job Type
  • Education
    2-Year Degree Required
  • Professional Level


Accomodation and meals covered.

Accomodation and meals covered.

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish and English.

Spanish and English.


Santa María, Bolivia

How to Apply

Send your CV plus a cover letter to

Send your CV plus a cover letter to

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