Director of Senior Employment Program

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Full Time




92-47 175th Street
New York
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Director, Senior Employment Program (SEP)

Purpose:              Position manages enrollment, monitoring, and placement of income and age eligible residents in JSPOA’s SCSEP Program. Also coordinates JSPOA’s yearly participation in Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).

Education and Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, Business Administration, Public Administration, Social Work or related fields.

At least 3 years experience in Community organization, employment, training in aging or group work projects directly serving the aging. Ability to plan and operate a multi-purpose program, good verbal and writing skills. Ability to plan, develop, and maintain a community effort on behalf of older workers, maintaining a high standard of morale and productivity. Advocate on behalf of older workers in forums appropriate for advocacy efforts.



·       Enroll as many eligible persons as contractually required with available funds which may be increased or decreased during the year. Emphasis on enrolling those with special needs as identified by USDOL. 

·       Responsibility for timely collection and verification of enrollee timesheets, payroll computations, projections and forwarding to the Fiscal Department prior to each payday.

·       Provide services and maintain facilities described in JSPOA’s Senior Aides Plan of Operation

·       Respond timely and thoroughly to Performance Review Reports and technical assistance plans provided by the program funder, SSAI.

·       Attend conferences, meetings, and training as designated by our funder and JSPOA.

·       Attend Queens One-Stop Career Center partnership meetings, and maintain JSPOA’s program presence at that site.

·       Ensure preparation of monthly funding requests and reports of expenses. Submit all contractually required information timely to SSAI

·       Maintain records, including property, personnel and financial as necessary and make all available for examination on request

·       Publicize the SEP, it’s concepts and objectives to develop community understanding of older worker capability, performance and need for unsubsidized employment through advertising, public speaking, display posters, and other media.

·       Maintain and develop linkages with not-for-profit community organizations and government agencies for placement and unsubsidized employment. 

·       Visit enrollees and host agency representatives on site as required. Prepare new and renewal host agency agreements annually and maintain on file.

·       Conduct orientations and certification of Senior Aides as required.

·       Conduct and arrange programming for Senior Aides meeting annually.

·       Manage all aspects of U.S. Department of Labor mandated Title V Program functions, including recruitment, supervision and training of enrollees and staff.

·       Develop and supervise program worksites, monitor progress; assure the maintenance of all program policies and objectives as required by SSAI contract.

·       Maintain office space, equipment, materials and records; establish linkages with business lenders in Queens Community to encourage placement of Title V workers in unsubsidized placements. These linkages would include a review of possible job opportunities and planning for other than obvious placement sites within businesses.

·       Establish linkages with the media and community service groups for the purpose of placement and information sharing, payroll preparation and responsible for submission of all reports mandated by funding actions, as needed.

·       Represent JSPOA, and Title V to the Queens Community, as necessary to carry out program objective; work cooperatively with Title V Employment programs and advisory groups on a city-wide basis to facilitate aims of senior employment ; other duties , as assigned.

The Jamaica Service for Older Adults, Inc., (JSPOA), is a human service agency servicing elders and their families. The SEP Director, reports to the Associate Executive Director and is responsible for the daily operations.  This is a SSA funded program designed to provide quality services to all eligible senior clients.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please forward resume with salary requirements to:

Or Fax to Attention: Human Resources: 718-657-6756