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Community Harvest Project, Inc.

Executive Director Job Description

For more information on CHP’s team, programs, and partnerships see www.community-harvest.org

Interested parties may submit a cover letter and resume to jobs@community-harvest.org by October 30, 2018.

Community Harvest Project (CHP) is seeking a full-time Executive Director with passion for their mission and the experience and skills to guide the organization through its next phase. The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience in community building, hunger relief and non-profit management in the Central Massachusetts network. The Executive Director must have the organizational skills to manage a growing organization, interpersonal skills to relate to a wide and diverse group of stakeholders including staff, volunteer board members, program partners, and donors; and strategic vision to guide CHP’s efforts into the future.

Community Harvest Project is dedicated to improving access to healthy foods through community engagement. Through their volunteer farming, education, leadership programs and partnerships, they bring thousands of community members together each year to improve access to healthy foods for individuals and families in need across Worcester County. In 2017, with the help of over 8,500 volunteers, CHP was able to grow and donate nearly 270,000 lbs. of fruits and vegetables, which equates to 1.2 million servings of healthy donated food distributed through hunger relief agencies.

 Community Harvest Project is headquartered at Brigham Hill Community Farm and includes White’s Farm, both in North Grafton, MA. As part of the organization’s next phase, the Executive Director will lead the development of CHP’s newest property, the Prospect Hill Orchard in Harvard, MA. Responsibilities will include developing new stakeholder relationships, pursuing funding and revenue generating activities, promoting the orchard, expanding the operations of the orchard, and ensuring its long-term viabilit

The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of Community Harvest Project, Inc. (CHP) and reports to the Board of Directors. The Executive Director is responsible for developing and carrying out the organization’s strategic plan and the policies and goals approved by its board. The overall responsibilities include leadership, management, administrative functions, personnel policies, and achieving targeted objectives. The Executive Director is also responsible for short- and long-term planning, promotional efforts, volunteer satisfaction, educational programs, and monitoring CHP’s ongoing performance.

Duties and Responsibilities

Vision and Strategic Leadership

The Executive Director is responsible for leading the board, staff and other stakeholders to ensure that the organization's vision and strategic plan remain current, relevant and responsive to our environment, and for leading the organization toward fulfillment of that vision and plan.

·        Provide leadership and opportunities for staff and the board to be exposed to new trends and ideas in fields of relevance.

·        Develop and maintain an atmosphere of knowledge sharing among staff and board.

·        Engage all relevant stakeholders in the periodic update of the strategic plan.

·        Develop and implement an annual operating plan for CHP, incorporating progress toward our strategic goals.


Staff Management

As Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Director has ultimate responsibility for the leadership of CHP while working with and through CHP staff and volunteers. The Executive Director must identify and initiate change as needed to maintain a vital and efficient organization, working with the board and staff in a consultative and collaborative manner to ensure progress toward its strategic goals.

·        Manage the recruitment, employment, supervision, and release of all personnel, including paid staff, contractors, consultants and volunteers.

·        Encourage and facilitate ongoing staff professional development.

·        Set and maintain high standards for staff performance, along with a system of metrics to ensure accountability.

·        Implement all board-directed policies, and ensure that sound human resource policies and practices are in place, including effective communications channels for all personnel.

·        Maintain a positive, professional environment that attracts, retains, motivates, and supports a diverse staff of highly qualified, team-oriented personnel.

·        Oversee the negotiation of all contracts and agreements and, jointly with the president and secretary of the Board of Directors, conduct official correspondence and execute legal documents.

·        Ensure that CHP farms are maintained in a responsible manner that reflects well upon the organization and provides an excellent working environment for staff and visitors alike.

Fiscal Management

The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring that the organization follows sound financial practices, including realistic budgeting, prudent management of financial resources, and employment of the CHP’s assets for the most effective long-term fulfillment of its mission.

·        Work with the staff and the board in preparing an annual budget, and ensure that the organization operates within budget guidelines.


Institutional Advancement

The Executive Director serves as the chief spokesperson for CHP and is expected to represent the organization’s interests in a positive and honest way to the public and embrace a leadership role in a broad social services community within the New England region and beyond. The Executive Director must also ensure that comprehensive and effective programs exist to promote CHP’s activities and increase the financial support available for its operations.

·        Offer personal leadership in CHP’s fundraising efforts, working closely with the board to develop a comprehensive annual fundraising plan and to personally identify, cultivate and solicit major donors, including foundation grant opportunities.

·        Work with the board president to energize the board to be full participants in CHP’s fundraising and outreach efforts, and to increase donations to the annual appeal.

·        Ensure development and execution of a comprehensive public awareness program to create a measurable increase in volunteerism and attendance at CHP events.

·        Work to increase the stature and visibility of CHP in the local and regional community.

·        Be the public voice of CHP in all matters in which the organization has a significant interest.


Farming Operations

The Executive Director must collaborate with Department Managers to ensure that best practices are researched and followed to ensure that CHP operates in a sustainable and ecologically and socially responsible manner, and that the health and safety of staff, volunteers, and food recipients are maintained as paramount objectives in our activities.

·        Identify, recruit and work with subject matter experts to assist CHP in an advisory capacity in areas such as organic agricultural practices, farm safety and vegetable processing.

·        Ensure that policies are in place and adequately enforced to ensure adherence to safety practices relevant to farm operations.

·        Lead staff in the development and execution of training programs for volunteer leaders and volunteers.

·        Oversee all distribution partnerships to ensure that our produce is being utilized as intended; seek and evaluate opportunities for new distribution channels.



The Executive Director must collaborate with Department Managers to ensure that all programming supports our mission.

·        Oversee the development and implementation of all volunteer, education, and leadership programs and partnerships.

·        Oversee the setting of program goals and measurement of program outputs and outcomes.

Additional Duties

The Executive Director is also responsible for the performance of other duties as assigned by the board from time to time.

Key Relationships

CHP Board 

The Executive Director reports to the Community Harvest Project Board of Directors, but also works with the board president to improve board performance and to foster full participation and engagement by the board in the work of CHP.


As CHP’s chief ambassador to the external world, the Executive Director must strive to build positive relationships with the local community as well as local and regional communities of interest.


The Executive Director must build beneficial cooperative and collaborative partnerships with agricultural, educational, and hunger relief organizations.

Organizational Relationships

The Executive Director currently directly supervises the following staff:

·        Development Manager

·        Farm Manager

·        Orchard Manager

·        Volunteer Manager

·        Education Coordinator

·        Smartbooks (bookkeeping service)


The Executive Director is evaluated annually by the Board of Directors based on annual goals and objectives and performance against the strategic plan.

Community Harvest Project, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and is committed to attracting a wide range of diverse candidates.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Interested parties may submit a cover letter and resume to jobs@community-harvest.org by October 30, 2018.