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Full Time Contract



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The Teacher of the Deaf is responsible to the Co-Directors of Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a contract position and the hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The teacher will be responsible for planning and implementing intensive auditory-oral intervention for a classroom of toddler and/or preschool children in Orlando, Florida.


  • To provide a comfortable, supportive environment for parents in which they are respected, encouraged to observe their children, and supported in their efforts to parent their hearing-impaired children. 

  • To facilitate children’s interaction with a curriculum which is child-centered, based on basic principles of child development, and will provide children with problem-solving skills and a foundation for acquiring knowledge from preschool through high school. 

  • To observe children and record information related to all aspects of the child’s developmental profile to be used for developing appropriate goals and tracking student progress. 

  • To provide accurate information on the listening and spoken language outcomes that are possible for this population to both parents and professionals and to explain, model and encourage the techniques necessary to build age-appropriate skills. 

  • To engage individual and small groups of students, on a daily basis, in activities that contribute to the development of auditory and spoken language skills. 

  • To provide diagnostic information about auditory and spoken language skills of hearing-impaired students using formal tests, diagnostic teaching and observation. 

  • To discuss concerns regarding individual children’s needs, abilities, etc., with the directors to ensure consistent and accurate communication with parents, thereby best serving the children. 

  • To perform other tasks as requested by the co-directors considered necessary to provide a quality educational experience and meet requirements with contracting entities.

Meetings and Planning: 

  • Will participate in staff meetings of the classroom team to plan classroom activities as dictated by the developmental needs and interest of the children. Teacher will provide input regarding the progress of students, curriculum issues, concerns, etc. 

  • Will attend other workshops/meetings for the hearing-impaired children, schedule permitting (e.g., cochlear implant workshops).

Written Plans and Reports:

  • Lesson plans and therapy notes will be kept to ensure that information is available to all professionals working with the child. 

  • Contributions to the hearing-impaired children’s Individualized Educational Plans will be in the form of supplying goals and objectives in the areas of cognitive, motor, social-emotional, auditory, speech and language development. 

  • Semi-annual reports will be written for the students, and submitted on a timely basis on dates provided at the beginning of the school year (in November and June).



Qualifications necessary for this position include a Master’s Degree in Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and certification as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist.


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Master's degree

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