Capital Teaching Residency

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District of Columbia
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Organizational Overview:

The Capital Teaching Residency is a nationally recognized, highly selective teacher training program that provides a pathway for new teachers to develop into outstanding educators. The Capital Teaching Residency is a cornerstone program of KIPP DC, a non-profit network of high-performing, college-preparatory public charter schools in Washington, D.C.  Our 16 schools and The Learning Center recruit and educate over 6,300 students on six campuses in communities with limited access to quality educational options. At KIPP DC, we empower students to access opportunities that lead to a choice-filled life. Highly skilled and diverse teachers and leaders, more time in school, a rigorous college preparatory-curriculum, and a strong culture of achievement and support help our students climb the mountain to and through college and careers. As a Capital Teaching Resident, you play an active role in our mission.


The Residency:

Residents in the Capital Teaching Residency make a commitment to teach for a minimum of three years in the District of Columbia. Residents spend the first year of this commitment—their residency year—training in a KIPP DC classroom with a lead teacher. During their first year, Residents are provided the opportunity to obtain their teacher licensure and train in early childhood, elementary, and secondary math, science, social studies, or English Language Arts classrooms. Residents commit to two additional years of teaching beyond their residency year at KIPP DC or at one of our partner public charter schools in the District. Residents have the opportunity to train and work alongside results-driven educators and administrators who are committed to students’ success. Through our gradual release model, Residents are set up for success by becoming an integral part of the school community and gaining more responsibility in their classroom over time.   Throughout this residency, Residents are supported as they develop into skilled educators through consistent work with a highly-effective lead teacher, focused professional development coursework, coaching and daily practice perfecting their skills in a real classroom.

There are two types of resident positions and your preference can be indicated during the application process:

Early Childhood/ Elementary Residents

  • Teach in grades Prekindergarten (3 year olds), Prekindergarten (4 year olds), Kindergarten, and 1st- 4th grades across content areas
  • One-year residency placement in classroom with experienced teacher and participation in Early Childhood District of Columbia Licensure Program provided by KIPP DC 
  • Optional one-year accelerated master’s degree, at a discounted rate, during year three of program
  • Requirements: 

o Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution by June 2019

o Preferred undergraduate GPA of 3.0 

Secondary Residents in Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies

  • Teach in grades 5-8 (middle school) and 9-12 (high school) in math, science, English Language Arts and Social Studies classrooms
  • One-year residency placement in classroom with experienced teacher and participation in Secondary District of Columbia licensure program provided by Relay Graduate School of Education
  • Free required one-year accelerated master’s degree from Relay Graduate School of Education during year two of program
  • Requirements

o Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution by June 2019 

o Required undergraduate GPA of 2.75; Preferred undergraduate GPA of 3.0 

o For Math and Science applicants only: Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or a significant amount of coursework in science or math content area

Capital Teaching Resident Key Responsibilities:

·        Participate and contribute as a member of his/her school community

·        Attend all school-level professional development (PD) sessions

·        Attend and actively participate in all PD and certification coursework specific to area of training (scheduled on designated week nights)

·        Complete all required coursework assignments

·        Track, analyze, and use data to drive teaching and instruction

·        Participate in weekly meetings with lead teacher

·        Take and pass required Praxis certification examinations before and during the residency year

·        Participate in observation and feedback meetings with school leader

·        Participate in evaluation cycle with school leaders and the Capital Teaching Residency team

·        Implement feedback from observations by school leaders and lead teachers into classroom practice

·        Conduct purposeful observations of lead and other excellent teachers


Overall Requirements:

•        Compelling passion and commitment to be a teacher in a community with limited access to quality educational options

•        Belief that all students can and will learn

•        Unquestioned integrity and commitment to KIPP DC’s mission and school community

•        Openness to feedback and willingness to constantly reflect, improve, and learn

•        Ability to function as a “relentless achiever” by setting high goals and meeting or exceeding them

•        Strong work ethic coupled with a willingness to go above and beyond one’s work

•        Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and develop strong relationships with parents and colleagues

•        Flexibility, tenacity, perseverance, resourcefulness, and teamwork

•        High level of organization and professionalism


·        Residents are provided a competitive salary and benefits through the schools by which they are employed.

·        KIPP DC offers its employees competitive rates for medical, dental, vision, life, and long-term disability insurances.

·        KIPP DC also offers its employees a 403(b) retirement account with employer contributions and matches vesting after three years.

·        Residents are supported with on-the-job professional development, a laptop computer for work, and a cell phone stipend.

·        Residents are eligible for graduate school and licensure discounts as outlined in this job description.  

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To Apply:

Please submit an online application by going to and selecting the job posting “Capital Teaching Residency” under “Instructional Positions.”


Application Deadline:

Priority Application Deadline #1:

September 17, 2018 (by 11:59pm EST)

Application Deadline #2:

October 22, 2018 (by 11:59pm EST)

Application Deadline #3:

November 26, 2018 (by 11:59pm EST)

Application Deadline #4:

January 7, 2019 (by 11:59pm EST)

Application Deadline #5:

February 18, 2019 (by 11:59pm EST)

Final Application Deadline #6:

March 25, 2019 (by 11:59pm EST)

Final Application Deadline #7:

April 29, 2019 (by 11:59pm EST)

We accept applications on a rolling basis, and we strongly recommend applying as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Molly Lenowitz (, Early Childhood Capital Teaching Residency Recruitment Manager, or Mecha Santos (, Elementary and Secondary Capital Teaching Residency Recruitment Manager.

Information about the Capital Teaching Residency is also available on our website: