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Peoples Climate Movement California Climate, Jobs, and Justice Mobilization Field Coordinator

The Peoples Climate Movement (PCM) is looking to hire for the position of California Climate, Jobs, and Justice Mobilization Field Coordinator. This a temporary position through September 30th, 2018 that will be responsible for building, managing, and ensuring that a mobilization and organizing program results in a mass mobilization of people in the Bay Area on September 8th(in the tens of thousands). 

The ideal candidate will have experience in organizing mass-based events and/or actions, base building and /or GOTV work with diverse partners and sectors, staffing volunteer workgroups and committees, building mobilization infrastructure, training and developing skills in volunteers and community leaders, and organizing events and other buzz-building activities. 

This position will do direct organizing work in communities across the Bay and then will evolve into a management position that supervises a set of organizing and outreach staff, including donated staff and the staff of organizations resourced by PCM.

Project Background:The mobilization will occur the weekend before the Global Climate Action Summit, a convening of global leaders taking place in San Francisco between September 11thand 13th, 2018. GCAS is an official event being sponsored by the Governor’s Office. The goal of the summit is to lift up state and local action across the globe to address climate change and is expected to draw thousands of participants and global and national leaders. Over the past few months, PCM has been working with partners and local community organizations to develop a plan for a mass mobilization the weekend before GCAS that lays out what real climate leadership looks like and that will connect to both a global and national day of action focused on climate action rooted in racial and economic justice.

Job Responsibilities:The California Climate, Jobs, and Justice Mobilization Field Coordinator will be responsible for building and managing the organizing work and mobilizationinfrastructure for the event. Responsibilities will include working with community organizations, movement activists and formations, labor unions, students, faithinstitutions, immigrant communities, and African American communities to not only build their engagement and participation in the mobilization, but also their leadership of keypieces of the organizing work. They will build an escalated field and mobilizationprogram, initially doing on the ground organizing themselves and transitioning into amanagerial role, supervising staff and programs.

The ideal candidate is interested in both direct organizing of events and activities, recruitment of volunteers and participants, and working with coalition partners and community and issue groups to build out an organizing program. The position will start by working to organize a kick off mobilizing event with a goal of 500 participants. The event will focus on identifying volunteer leaders and building work groups to move outreach and other work forward. The work will then transition into building a larger field staff and infrastructure that will focus on mobilizing tens of thousands of people on September 8 th and identifying and building systems and structures to recruit up to 1,000 volunteers to work on the mobilization.

Job Responsibilities:

The Field Coordinator will be responsible for the following tasks and responsibilities:

● Staffing the California Climate Mobilization Local Host Committee as well as other work and program committees (outreach and recruitment, visibility, canvassing, organizational recruitment, etc.) to help build and drive turn-out to the September 8th Mobilization.

● Identifying lead point people for important constituencies, sectors, and communities, such as faith, students, labor, communities of color, immigrants, women, LGBTQ, food justice, etc. and working with digital staff to build out organizing hubs.

● Organizing regional, county-wide, and community events to recruit volunteers and engage community leaders, including a kick off organizing meeting with the goal of 500 participants.

● Building out a volunteer pool of over 1,000 volunteers to help build towards and execute the September 8th mobilization.

● Organizing and leading organizing and field calls for local and state partner organizations, lead activists, and the interested general public to help build skills, create reporting and accountability structures, and build momentum and energy for the Sept 8th mobilization.

● Working with the Digital Organizer and Arts and Cultural Organizer to ensure that all programs are integrated and engaging the most people possible and ensuring effective online to offline activation.

● Building a staffing and hiring plan to bring on additional organizers to help ensure the mobilization reaches its numeric goals as well as ensuring strong participation from different sectors, communities, and constituencies, including communities of color, faith, labor/workers, immigrants and diaspora communities, students, and youth, among others.

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills and experience:

● 5 years managing organizing and issue campaigns that included the following components: base-building; staffing organizing committees; organizing trainings, actions, and activities focused on developing leaders through a ladder of engagement so they will be able to take on more responsibilities; and mobilizing large numbers of people to action.

● Creating effective field plans and mobilizing infrastructure including bussing plans and neighborhood and visibility canvasses with the goal of recruiting and moving large numbers of people.

● Creating and facilitating interesting, fun, and engaging trainings for volunteers, organizers, and staff, including how to be a block captain, classroom raps, organizing your block/neighborhood, canvassing, etc.

● Hiring, managing, and supervising organizers and field staff, particularly in a metric-focused program. A strong commitment to, and history of, building diverse staff teams is essential.

● Working with diverse constituencies and sectors, including communities of color, faith, labor unions, etc.

● Digital experience is strongly preferred, but not required. Proficiency with online databases (or the capacity to learn quickly and utilize systems like Action Network are required) and the ability to use digital and social media assets to build engagement is a must.

● Ability to speak Spanish, Chinese and/or other languages is preferred, but not required.

● Ability to do a lot with a little. The organizing budget is tight, so the ability to quickly secure donated space, food, printing, and other important needs (including staff time) is an important skill in this position.

Management and Supervision: The California Climate, Jobs, and Justice Mobilization Field Coordinator will be supervised by the California Climate, Jobs, and Justice Mobilization Coordinator. The National Director and/or National Organizing Director in consultation with the Mobilization Coordinator and local partners will help to build out the overall organizing and mobilizing plan.

Compensation: This is a contract position through September 30th, 2018 and compensation will be DOE.

We strongly encourage people of color, women, and LGTBQ people to apply for this position.

Please send a resume and a cover letter describing why you are interested in this project and why you believe you can help to produce a mass mobilization of 50,000 people in the Bay Area this September. The deadline for this position is May 30th, 2018.

Professional Level


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4-year degree