Transportation Policy Campaign Director

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Full Time


Details: Compensation for this position is commensurate with the candidate’s relevant professional experience.




United States


U.S. PIRG is hiring a Campaign Director to run our national 21st Century Transportation Program.

U.S. policies have long favored automobiles over other forms of travel. As a result, Americans are overly dependent on driving - contributing to pollution, congestion, poor mental and physical health, and crushing financial burdens for American households. Instead, we need to convince our leaders to stop building unnecessary highways and to provide better opportunities to travel by rail, bus, bicycle and walking.

The 21st Century Transportation Campaign Director will lead our effort to transform America’s transportation system by advocating against spending so many public dollars on unnecessary highway expansion; pushing for significant investments in public transit, biking and walking infrastructure; and, repairing the nation’s crumbling existing roads and bridges. Americans want more transportation choices. Your challenge will be to convince our public leaders to listen to the public and adopt solutions that make sense for the long term.

Job Description and Responsibilities:

  • Campaign Development: Help develop campaigns that will build support for a bold, multi-faceted 21st century transportation system by researching issues, creating viable policy solutions, and proposing political strategy and messaging.
  • Advocacy: Advance policies that will move us to 21st century transportation that reduces pollution, improves quality of life, and saves money. Build relationships with players in key regulatory agencies, statehouses, in Congress, and other forums where relevant decisions are being made.
  • Campaign Strategy: Develop plans to win our campaigns using research, advocacy, coalition-building, media attention, and grassroots mobilization; assess opportunities for building political support for our agenda.
  • Media Outreach: Serve as the spokesperson for our campaigns through media events, press releases and opinion writing.
  • Fundraising: Write grant proposals, build relationships with foundations, and meet with major donors, to bring more resources to our campaigns. Work with our citizen outreach staff to build and deepen our membership base.
  • Staff Recruitment and Development: Recruit new staff and volunteers. Oversee other staff working on our team and provide training and leadership development.


Candidates must have at least 8 years of relevant professional experience. Advanced degrees like a JD, or a master’s degree may count toward experience. Qualified candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to public interest and transportation issues and to citizen-based social change, as well as a track record of leadership. We're looking for people who are goal-driven and results-oriented, who have excellent verbal, written and analytical skills, the ability to speak persuasively in a charged atmosphere, and enthusiasm for making positive policy change.

Compensation & Benefits:

Compensation for this position is commensurate with the candidate’s relevant professional experience. U.S. PIRG offers a competitive benefits package.


Chicago, Washington, D.C., or Philadelphia with frequent travel


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U.S. PIRG is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, disability, pregnancy or veteran status.


U.S. PIRG offers a competitive benefits package.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree